Max Peer, the “Around the World Cyclist” at N.C. A&T State University


It took one biker, over one million pedal strokes to travel 769 miles from Orlando, Fla., to Greensboro, N.C. For Max Peer, the “Around the World Cyclist” today was just another day on the job. During the past few years Max has traveled the world on his bike in hopes of creating a more sustainable world through education.

“If we want a better world then we have to start with education,” Max said. “It should be free for everybody, no matter where you are or what your social background is.”

With that commitment in mind, Max partnered with the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) to embark on the 35,000 mile Share the Knowledge Tour.

IDF is a non-profit enterprise that offers free educational materials on global technology and design through its website. The content that is shared through IDF is developed in collaboration with leaders in technology such as MIT, Harvard, IBM Research and SAP Labs. 

SAP, the world’s largest enterprise applications software company, sponsors IDF and was the link between North Carolina A&T State University and the Share the Knowledge Tour.

The School of Business and Economics (SoBE) leads the SAP University Alliances relationship at N.C. A&T. Under the leadership of the chairperson of the Department of Marketing Transportation and Supply Chain, Dr. Linda Silver Coley, the ERP/SAP platform and technologies were introduced into the Supply Chain Management (SCM) curriculum.

Coley, other A&T professionals, students, community partners and Mayor Robbie Perkins were on hand to welcome Max.

“We’re pleased to be your host and only official university stop in North Carolina,” Coley said.

The program closed with Max encouraging everyone in the audience to sign up with IDF to receive free access to educational materials.

From here, Max will continue his trip across North America one pedal at a time.