On July 23, North Carolina A&T State University will have an emergency training exercise.

The exercise scenario involves a hazardous materials spill from a delivery vehicle and will impact localized areas of campus and include Aggie Alert and social media notifications, campus sirens, possible sirens from emergency vehicles and simulated injuries.

The University is evaluating its current methods and systems of communication between the various responder and coordination groups to identify areas for improving communications flow and information sharing.

During the scenario, the university will also test the delivery of messages from the available emergency notification systems, including the actions taken by recipients upon notification or the inability of recipients to receive the notifications.

The exercise will also include a command post in the Laurel Street parking lot in front of Ward Hall, a possible staging area for response vehicles in the parking lot of War Memorial Stadium and the possible implementation of a simulated decontamination facility.

A&T is taking steps to develop a stadium evacuation plan.  The full scale exercise will enhance the University’s overall evacuation preparedness. Federal, state and local emergency response plans include recommendations for colleges and universities to prepare to be self-sufficient for 72 hours in the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for an all-hazard approach to emergency management.