Nine students from the North Carolina A&T State University, School of Education attended the Student North Carolina Education (SNCAE) Conference in Raleigh March 30-April 1.

Elementary education major Christina Davis said “the conference was a wonderful learning experience and opportunity.”

“The different workshops that the SNCAE conference offered were really informative,” she said.

“It is good for students interested in education to attend workshops/conferences such as the SNCAE conference in order to increase their awareness and skill sets which are needed to be successful in the education arena.”

Elementary education major Jazmin Vann, also enjoyed the conference. She was able to meet new people from universities around the state and attend workshops to learn new tools to add to her toolbox for teaching from former teachers.

“I plan to attend the conference next year and learn more tools that will help me become successful in my teaching career in the near future,” she said.

Vann is even thinking of running for a statewide office for the next upcoming election in the spring of 2013.The conference provided students with a wealth of information including the six NCATE standards. The workshops were geared towards paraprofessionals, knowledge, skills, and dispositions, including diversity in the classroom, teacher leadership, money management and the things you don’t learn in college. The conference also allowed students to research problems or methodologies.