Frequently Asked Questions

Many medical and support services are available to you free of charge or at a nominal cost. University Counseling Services at North Carolina A&T are free. Don’t let cost stop you from getting the support you need.

The Counseling Services office is at Murphy Hall on campus (next to Williams Cafeteria).

The Office of Student Conduct is located in Murphy Hall (next to Williams Cafeteria).

The University Police Department is located in Ward Hall on 406 Laurel Street, Greensboro. The phone number is 336-334-7128, email: There is a 24 hour emergency number, 336-334-7675 and an Anonymous Tip Line, 336-334-7879.

N.C. A&T encourages anyone who has been a victim of a crime to report it to the police. You may have mixed feelings about whether or not to report. You may feel torn about not wanting to do anything and wanting to hold this person responsible so that he or she does not hurt you or anyone else again. If you report a sexual assault that occurred at N.C. A&T, the University Police Department will investigate, provide assistance, and offer related services to support your safety and well-being. If the crime occurred in another jurisdiction, please contact Greensboro Police Department, 911, or the police department in the locality of where you are.

The Clery Act requires that the N.C. A&T University Police Department provides crime alerts to the community when they learn of a crime that constitutes an ongoing or continuing serious threat to the university community. If a crime alert is issued, your name and personal identifying information will not be released; pertinent details about the crime may be released. If you have a question about a crime alert, talk to someone at the University Police Department.

No. N.C. A&T and the University Police Department look to the "higher crime," which in this case would be the sexual assault. If you were violating a university alcohol policy or were drinking underage while you were assaulted, we encourage you to report the assault and be honest about your behavior. Giving the police and officials from the Office of Student Conduct all of the information, including information about drinking or drug use, can help them better understand what happened. If you have concerns, you can always talk with the Title IX Coordinator, 336-285-3770 or someone from the Counseling Center at N.C. A&T before talking with the police or Student Conduct.

Listen and believe them. Assure them that what happened wasn’t their fault and keep the information private. For more information, contact the Title IX Coordinator or University Police Department.