What is sexual assault?

If you have been assaulted:

Non-Consensual Sexual Touching, Disrobing and/or Exposure: is any intentional sexual touching, however slight, with any object without effective consent. Sexual touching includes any bodily contact with the breasts, groin, genitals, mouth (kissing) or other bodily orifice of another person or any other bodily contact in a sexual manner, including over clothing. Any disrobing of another or exposure to another by an initiator without effective consent.

Sexual assault is any sexual activity that occurs without the victim’s consent. These behaviors include, but are not limited to:

Non-consensual kissing and fondling

Non-consensual vaginal, oral, or anal sex

Non-consensual vaginal, oral or anal penetration with an object or a finger

Other forms of sexual misconduct include:

Any invasion of sexual privacy either in person or through audio or video recording

Knowingly transmitting a sexually transmitted infection

Exposing a person’s body or genitals

Prostituting or soliciting another community member

These behaviors are a violation of our sexual misconduct policy outlined in the N.C. A&T Student Code of Conduct and North Carolina law.