How Do I?

How Do I Request A Position Review/Salary Increase
  • Review the guidelines and key considerations in determining whether a salary increase is appropriate
  • The supervisor completes a position modification in People Admin using the “Modify Position Description” workflow
  • Send through approval process to obtain all required departmental approvals
  • Human Resources will inform supervisor and employee that increase has been approved with official confirmation letter

How Do I Request Access to People Admin
  • The Dean/VC has to send an email requesting access to Lonnie Crotts. Include the following information: Full Name, E-Mail address, Departments to access, Level(s) needed, Purposes for which the employee will use the system.

How Do I Modify A Position’s Funding Source
  • To initiate the request, select the position number you are modifying by clicking on the Working Position Title of the position in People Admin.
  • When the position description loads, click on “Modify Position Funding/Supervisor” in the menu to the right.
  • Required fields are highlighted in red and must be filled in before the Position Description can be sent to the next step in the approval workflow.
  • In the Funding Source Details section of this tab, you will confirm existing or enter new fund sources to support the request. If you are modifying a position to change the funding source, you will need to type over any existing fund, account, program and org codes to replace the numbers with new codes. Click on the Add Funding Source Details Entry button to enter budget and other required codes. Select “Save” after each entry.
  • Once all required fields in all tabs are complete, and you are satisfied with the information entered, you can move the request to the next step in the approval workflow by clicking on the orange “Take Action on Pending Request” button and selecting the appropriate routing action.