IT Conversion from SHRA to EHRA

EHRA Information Technology (IT) Positions Background, Methodology, and Implementation

As part of the Appropriations Act of 2017, the North Carolina General Assembly expanded the exemptions under the North Carolina Human Resources Act (“EHRA non-faculty”) to include University information technology professional positions. This change in the law means that these positions will become EHRA non-faculty positions (“EHRA”) under the University’s human resources policies rather than be subject to the NC Human Resources Act (“SHRA”). This revision also moves oversight of these positions from the State Human Resources Commission and the Office of State Human Resources to the UNC Board of Governors and UNC General Administration Human Resources. Only IT classifications that are exempt from the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are eligible for conversion from SHRA to EHRA status. Some IT classifications will remain SHRA because the nature of the work does not qualify for the FLSA exemption. This initiative will be implemented cost-neutral (no automatic increases) and is intended to address long-term IT recruitment and retention issues for UNC institutions. New IT categories have been developed to meet the needs of the University under the EHRA non-faculty Instructional, Research, and IT designation. A total of fourteen new classifications under the umbrella of “IT Professional” have been developed. These classes are a mixture of existing career banding classes, state IT classes, and new classes to meet the specific demands of the IT industry that may not have existed before.


IT Exemption- Salary Ranges

Comparison Between EHRA and SHRA

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