Postdoctoral Scholars Program

Prior to hiring a Postdoctoral Scholar, Principal Investigators (PI) should review the Postdoctoral Scholars Policy to fully understand the program criteria’s for employment.  Thereafter, meet with the Vice Chancellor for the Division of Research and Economic Development (DORED) to discuss and receive approval for the proposed postdoc position, the job description and identified candidate (if applicable).  Upon approval for program participation, the VC for DORED will assign a position number for employment.  Position establishment is required prior to the submission of the Postdoctoral Hiring Authorization packet; otherwise the employee’s hire date will be delayed to ensure that the position has been established for assignment and is available for payroll processing.

The PI must complete the Postdoctoral Hiring Authorization Form, obtain all appropriate signatures and submit with all required support documents as outlined in the Postdoctoral Hiring Authorization Procedural Instructions.  The complete packet must be submitted to the VC for DORED. 

Important Note: H1B sponsorship through the University must be for EPA full-time employment for a minimum of one year, and should be requested at least 6 months prior to the desired start date.  Please keep this in mind when establishing the first work day for a postdoctoral scholar, requests submitted that do not allow ample processing time are not guaranteed to be approved by the projected start date (only applicable, if H-1B classification is requested for employment authorization).  Please contact the Student and Foreign National Employment Manager in the Division of Human Resources at 285-3773 to discuss the appropriate employment category options for prospective foreign national postdoctoral scholars.

Annual Reappointment

 To request a postdoc’s reappointment, the PI must complete and submit to the Vice Chancellor for Research the following: (1) a completed and signed original Postdoctoral Hiring Authorization Form, (2) a copy of the Postdoctoral Reappointment Letter, and (3) a copy of the Postdoctoral Scholar Annual Evaluation Form.

Discontinuation of Employment

Postdocs are subject to the appointment and discontinuation policies for EPA Non-Faculty Professional (Research and Teaching) positions defined in Section 2.E.3 of the Employment Policies for EPA Non-Faculty Employees.  Hiring departments must consult with the University’s Director of Employee Relations / Affirmative Action Officer within the Division of Human Resources to determine the best method for discontinuation of employment with regard to the postdoc appointment prior to providing any type of discontinuation notification to the postdoc employee.

Postdoctoral Program Forms and Templates: