Hubert Lee Gooch Sr. and Willie Ada Gooch Endowed Scholarship Fund

Hubert Lee Gooch Sr. and Willie Ada Fleming Gooch, husband and wife, were both natives of Granville County, North Carolina. Hubert was born April 22, 1913, and Ada was born Aug. 16, 1915. Growing up in adjacent communities, Hubert and Willie Ada married and had four children: Lois, Hubert Jr., Charles and James.

From the beginning, the goal of Hubert and Willie Ada was to someday be the proprietors of their own land. Beginning as sharecroppers and tenants, they struggled and toiled for many years on tobacco farms owned by others.

The dream for them became a reality a few years later when they were able to purchase a farm in the Hester community. While they continued to grow tobacco as their main source of income, over time they ventured into poultry operations, working with a farm cooperative. Later the business expanded into egg production that generated several hundred dozens of eggs per day. The success of these joint ventures afforded Hubert and Willie Ada the opportunity to acquire an adjoining farm. This was truly a dream come true!

In the eyes of many, death came to this couple way too soon. Hubert died Jan. 7, 1985, and Willie Ada died Dec. 10, 1999. They were committed to education and demonstrated their support in various ways. In memory of Hubert Lee Gooch Sr. and Willie Ada Gooch, this endowed scholarship was established at North Carolina A&T State University. The scholarship is an eternal tribute to their loving kindness and unselfish service. Further, it pays homage to their rich heritage of struggle and sacrifice, devotion to family and service to God and the community. Indeed, through this endowment, these precious jewels live on and their brilliance continues to shine.

Hubert Lee Gooch Sr. and Willie Ada Gooch Scholarship Criteria

The scholarship from the Hubert Lee Gooch Sr. and Willie Ada Gooch Endowed Scholarship Fund will be awarded to deserving students as determined by the University Scholarship Committee based on the criteria below. In making the selection, this committee will consider such attributes as scholarship, leadership, community service, exceptional talent and financial need. The committee will give special selection consideration and preference to students:

  • With a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • With majors in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and College of Agricultural and Enviornmental Sciences
  • Who graduate from a public school in Granville County, North Carolina


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