Hornsby Howell Endowed Scholarship Fund

Hornsby Howell is a nationally known athletic administrator who served as a football trainer at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University before working his way through the ranks to become head football coach and assistant athletics director.

When Howell retired from N.C. A&T, he worked with the University of Georgia-Athens, first as an assistant football coach then as administrative assistant to the athletic director. In the latter role, he developed a health and wellness program that included a drug education and testing component. Howell also developed and implemented a career counseling and placement program, prepared the junior varsity football schedule and assisted in evaluating remaining academic and financial aid requirements for post-eligibility student athletics.

Howell also served as interim athletic director for Savannah State University and as interim athletic director at N.C. A&T. Howell received his undergraduate degree and graduate degree from N.C. A&T .

Hornsby Howell Endowed Scholarship Fund Criteria

• Students from Los Angeles must be in the top 5% of their class and have at least a 3.5 grade point average. Eligible students must write an essay demonstrating their leadership capabilities.
• Students from Michigan must be in the top 10% of their class and have at least a 3.0 grade point average.
• The scholarship will be awarded through the Chancellor’s office at N.C. A&T.

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