Zhichao Li

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentIndustrial and Systems Engineering



OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 403

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Zhichao Li


Ph D: Industrial Engineering, Kansas State University, 2006

MS: Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Tianjin University, 2002

BS: Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, 1999

Research Interests

Modeling, simulation and optimization of advanced manufacturing/production processes

Recent Publications

Zhang,  Qi  Shi,  Zhenzhen  Zhang,  Pengfei  Li,  Zhichao  Jaberi-Douraki,  Majid  ( 2017).  Predictive temperature modeling and experimental investigation of ultrasonic vibration-assisted pelleting of wheat straw.  ( 205,  pp. 511-528).   APPLIED ENERGY.

Bhattarai,  Narayan  Li,  Zhichao  Cooper,  A  Zhang,  M  ( 2016).  Chitosan Based Nanofibrous Nerve Conduit for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration. 

Emrani,  Jahangir  LI,  ZHICHAO  Oneyear,  Stephen  ( 2016).  Wind Energy.  Renewable Energy Manufacturing 

Emrani,  Jahangir  Li,  Zhichao  Oneyear,  Stephen  ( 2016).  Solar Energy.  Renewable Energy Manufacturing 

Tesfay,  Hayelom  Li,  Zhichao  Xu,  Zhigang  ( 2016).  Ultrasonic vibration assisted grinding of bio-ceramic materials: an experimental study on edge chippings with Hertzian indentation tests.    The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

LI,  ZHICHAO  Baisie,  Emmanuel  Zhang,  Xiaohong  Zhang,  Qi  ( 2016).  Diamond Disc Pad Conditioning in Chemical Mechanical Polishing.  Advances in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) 

Zhang,  Yu-nong  Stanco,  M.R.  Li,  Zhichao  ( 2014).  An experimental study on real time measurement of ultrasonic vibration amplitude and frequency using laser displacement sensor.  ( 875-877,  pp. 6).   Advanced Materials Research.

Zhang,  Yu-nong  Lin,  Bin  Li,  ZC  ( 2013).  An Overview of Recent Advances in Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) of Sapphire Substrates.  ( 1,  52,  pp. 495–500).   ECS Transactions.

Baisie,  Emmanuel  Li,  Zhichao  Zhang,  Xiaohong  ( 2013).  Pad conditioning in chemical mechanical polishing: a conditioning density distribution model to predict pad surface shape.  ( 1,  8,  pp. 103–119).   International Journal of Manufacturing Research.

Vaizasatya,  A.  Veroneze,  G.M.  Li,  Zhichao  Xu,  Zhigang  ( 2013).  A product development methodology: design and simulation of coronary stents.  ( 3,  7,  pp. 2).   ASME Journal of Medical Devices.

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