Zhichao Li

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentIndustrial and Systems Engineering


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OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 403

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Zhichao Li


Ph D: Industrial Engineering, Kansas State University, 2006

Other: Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Tianjin University, 2002

BS: Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, 1999

Research Interests

Modeling, simulation and optimization of advanced manufacturing/production processes

Recent Publications

Zhang , Qi   Shi, Zhenzhen   Zhang, Pengfei   Zhang, Meng   LI, ZHICHAO  (2018).  Ultrasonic-assisted pelleting of sorghum stalk: predictive models for pellet density and durability using multiple response surface methodology.   Energies.

Zhang, Qi  Shi, Zhenzhen  Zhang, Pengfei  Li, Zhichao  Jaberi-Douraki, Majid  (2017).  Predictive temperature modeling and experimental investigation of ultrasonic vibration-assisted pelleting of wheat straw.  (205,  pp. 511-528).  APPLIED ENERGY.

Bhattarai, Narayan  Li, Zhichao  Cooper, A  Zhang, M  (2016).  Chitosan Based Nanofibrous Nerve Conduit for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration. 

Emrani, Jahangir  LI, ZHICHAO  Oneyear, Stephen  (2016).  Wind Energy.  Renewable Energy Manufacturing 

Emrani, Jahangir  Li, Zhichao  Oneyear, Stephen  (2016).  Solar Energy.  Renewable Energy Manufacturing 

Tesfay, Hayelom  Li, Zhichao  Xu, Zhigang  (2016).  Ultrasonic vibration assisted grinding of bio-ceramic materials: an experimental study on edge chippings with Hertzian indentation tests.   The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

LI, ZHICHAO  Baisie, Emmanuel  Zhang, Xiaohong  Zhang, Qi  (2016).  Diamond Disc Pad Conditioning in Chemical Mechanical Polishing.  Advances in Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP)