Zachary Denton

TitleAssociate Professor




OfficeHines Hall
Room: 123A

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Zachary Denton


Ph D: Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2012

MS: Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2008

BS: Mathematical Sciencecs, Middle Tennessee State University, 2006

Research Interests

Fractional differential equations and systems, ordinary and partial differential equations, impulsive differential equations and systems, monotone method, quasilinearization method.

Recent Publications

Kelly,  Stephanie  Liu,  Liping  Denton,  Zachary  Lee,  Clinton  Croucher,  Stephen  ( 2018).  Instructional Immediacy in the Chinese Quantitative Reasoning Classroom.  ( 118,  pp. 104-112).   School Science and Mathematics.

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Denton,  Zachary  Ramirez,  Juan  ( 2016).  Generalized Monotone Method for Multi-Order 2-Systems of Riemann-Liouville Fractional Differential Equations.  ( 3,  16,  pp. 246--259).   Nonlinear Dynamics and Systems Theory.

Denton,  Zachary  ( 2016).  Monotone Method for Riemann-Liouville Multi-Order Fractional Differential Systems.  ( 2,  36,  ).   Opuscula Mathematica.

Denton,  Zachary  ( 2015).  Monotone Method for Multi-Order 2-Systems of Riemann-Liouville Fractional Differential Equations.  ( 2,  19,  ).   Communications in Applied Analysis.

Kelly,  Stephanie  Rice,  Christopher  Wyatt,  Bryce   Ducking,  Johnny  Denton,  Zachary  ( 2015).  Teacher immediacy and decreased student quantitative reasoning anxiety: The mediating effect of perception.  ( 26,  pp. 171-186).   Communication Education.

Kelly,  Stephanie  Gaytan,  Jorge  MacDonald,  Patrick  Collins,  Robin  Denton,  Zachary  ( 2014).  An investigation of student apprehension: Testing student predictions of classroom aptitude via brain hemisphere dominance.  ( 40,  pp. 30-35).   Business Teacher Education Journal.

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Denton,  Zachary  Ramirez,  Juan  Monotone method for systems of RL fractional inegro-differential equations.    Int. J. Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations.