Zerihun Assefa





OfficeNew Science Building
Room: 348

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Zerihun Assefa


Ph D: Chemistry, University of Maine, 1992

BS: Chemistry, Addis Ababa University, 1980

Research Interests

1) Development of “vapoluminescent” compounds that can incorporate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of interest and change their luminescent behavior. The synthesis of designer ligands capable of accepting targeted VOCs of interest are being conducted in the group for sensor application. 2) Tailoring late transition metal complexes and multidentate ligands for Simultaneous Sensitization of Lanthanide Emissions is the second area of interest. 3) Developing and fundamental understanding of white light-emitting novel materials is another area of research interest in the lab for lighting technology used for general illumination.

Recent Publications

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Aryeetey,  Frederick  Assefa,  Zerihun  Hajialiakbari Fini,  Elham  ( 2018).  Hydration and Setting Behavior of Cement Pastes Modified with Swine-waste Biochar.  In Philip Weinsier  ( 2,  18,  pp. 33-43).   International Journal of Modern Engineering.

Assefa,  Zerihun  ( 2017).  Luminescence Investigation of Samarium(III) Dicyanoaurate(I) based Coordination Networks with and without Aurophilic Interactions.    Gold Bulletin.

Assefa,  Zerihun   Rahn,  Ian   Crawford,  Carlos  Sykora,  Ricahard  ( 2016).  Crystal structure of bis(1,3-diaminopropane-κ2N,N’)bis[2-(4- nitrophenyl) acetato-κO cadmium(II) .  ( E72,  pp. 226-228).   Acta Cryst.

Agbeworvi,  George   Assefa,  Zerihun  Crawford,  Carlos   Sykora,  Richard   Taylor,  Jared   ( 2016).  Higher coordinate gold(I) complexes with the weak Lewis base tri(4- fluorophenyl)phosphine. Synthesis, structural, and density functional theoretical studies.  ( 1108,  pp. 508-515).   Jornal of Molecular Structure .

Assefa,  Zerihun   ( 2016).  Introducing research style approach in an open inquiry based instruction in upper undergraduate inorganic chemistry teaching laboratory course.  ( 21,  pp. 23-27).   The Chemical Educator.

White,  Frankie  Pham,  Lam  Xiang,  Kang  Thomas,  Rylee  Vogel,  Paul  Crawford,  Carlos  Assefa,  Zerihun  Sykora,  Richard  ( 2014).  Synthesis, structures, and photoluminescence properties of lanthanide dicyanoaurates containing dimeric aurophilic interactions.  ( 414,  pp. 240–249).   Inorganica Chimica Acta.

Mickens,  Matthew  Assefa,  Zerihun  ( 2014).  Tunable luminescence and white light emission of novel multiphase sodium calcium silicate nanophosphors doped with Ce 3+, Tb 3+, and Mn 2+ ions.  ( 145,  pp. 498–506).   Journal of Luminescence.

Mckoy,  Davia  Franks,  Marion  Assefa,  Zerihun  ( 2014).  (E)-3-(4-(heptyloxy)phenyl)-1-phenylprop-2-en-1-one.  ( E70,  pp. o163-o164).   Acta Crystallographica E.

Crawford,  Carlos   Assefa,  Zerihun  ( 2014).  Structure, Luminescence, and Vapochromism of Bridged Cationic Copper(I) Dimers and Polymers.  ( 24,  pp. 66-77).   Journal of Inorganic and Organomet Polymers .

Jenkins,  Darkus  Assefa,  Zerihun  ( 2013).  2-Diphenylphosphanyl-1-methyl-1H-benzimidazole.  ( 8,  69,  pp. 1364–1364).   Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online.

Forcha,  Derick  Brown,  Kwame  Assefa,  Zerihun  ( 2013).  Luminescence, absorption, and Stern–Volmer studies of cerium chloride and nitrate compounds in acidic and neutral aqueous, and non-aqueous solutions.  ( 103,  pp. 90–95).   Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy.

Robinson,  Nicholas  Smith,  Philip  Grant,  Sabrina  Whitehead,  Kendra  Crawford,  Carlos  Assefa,  Zerihun  Sykora,  Richard  ( 2013).  Novel tetracyanoplatinates with the larger Ln 3+ ions: Synthesis, structures, and photoluminescence properties of KLn [Pt (CN) 4] 2 8.75 H 2 O (Ln= La, Pr, Nd).  ( 394,  pp. 459–465).   Inorganica Chimica Acta.