Yuh Lang Lin


DepartmentEnergy and Environmental Systems




OfficeGibbs Hall
Room: 302H

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Yuh Lang Lin


Ph D: Geology , Yale University, 1984

MS: Geology , Yale University, 1981

MS: Meteorology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, 1979

MA: Mathematics, Fordham University, 1978

BS: Mathematics, Fu Jen Catholic University, 1976

Research Interests

- Atmospheric Dynamics and Modeling - Mountain Meteorology - Tropical Cyclone Dynamics - Moist Convection and Storm Dynamics - Gravity Waves and Turbulence - Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics - Forest Fire Dynamics

Recent Publications

Huang,  Yi-Chih  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2018).  Looping Tracks Associated with Tropical Cyclones Approaching an Isolated Mountain. Part I: Essential Parameters.  ( 130,  pp. 333-348).   Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Lin,  Yuh Lang  Spinks,  James  Shen,  Bo-Wen  ( 2017).  Formation and maintenance of an African easterly wave-mesoscale convective system in 2004 over East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.  In S. Fuller,  North Africa Social, Environmental and Political Issues    Nova Scientific Publishers, Inc., New York.

Taylor,  Stephany  Kaplan,  Michael  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2017).  Multi-Scale Dynamics of the 11-12 February 2010 Deep South U.S. Snowstorm Event.  ( 2017,  pp. Article ID: 6301026).   Advances in Meteorology.

Oldaker,  Guy   Liu,  Liping  Lin,  Yuh-Lang  ( 2017).  Influence of Appalachian orography on heavy rainfall and rainfall variability associated with the passage of Hurricane Isabel by ensemble simulations.    Journal of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Taylor,  Stephany  Kaplan,  Micahel  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2017).  Multi-scale dynamics of the 11-12 February 2010 Deep South U.S. Snowstorm event.  ( Article ID 6301026,  2017,  pp. 27 pages).   Advanced in Meteorology.

Garcia-Rivera,  Jose  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2017).  On the coupling of convective updrafts prior to secondary eyewall formation in Hurricane Katrina (2005).    Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology.

Sever,  Gokhan  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2017).  Dynamical and Physical Processes Associated with Orographic Precipitation in a Conditionally Unstable Uniform Flow: Variation in Basic Wind Speed.  ( 74,  pp. 449-466).   Journal of the Atmospheric Science.

Garcia-Rivera,  Jose  Lin,  Yuh Lang  Rastigeyev,  Yevgenly  ( 2016).  Cold-air damming - tropical cyclone interaction: A numerical case study of Tropical Storm Kyle (2002) and its influence on heavy rain in the North Carolinas.  ( 128,  pp. 347-372).   Meteorology & Atmospheric Physics.

Arivelo,  Tatiana  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2016).  Climatology of heavy orographic rainfall induced by tropical cyclones over Madagascar: From synoptic to mesoscale perspectives.  ( 2,  5,  pp. 146-161).   Earth Science Research.

Lin,  Yuh Lang  Lee,  K.-Y.  Chen,  C.-S.  Cheng,  F.-Y.  Lin,  P.-L.  Teng,  J.-H.  Liu,  C.-L.   ( 2016).  Initiation and maintenenance mechanisms for heavy precipitation systems over a mountainous island under a prevailing monsoon current.  ( 2,  5,  pp. 90-104).   Earth Science Research.

Smith,  Galen  Lin,  Yuh Lang  Rastigejev,  Yevgenii  ( 2016).  Orographic Effects on Supercell: Development and Structure, Intensity and Tracking.    arXiv preprint arXiv:1603.00539.

Lin,  Yuh Lang  Chen,  Shu-Hua  Liu,  Liping  ( 2016).  Orographic Influence on Basic Flow and Cyclone Circulation and Their Impacts on Track Deflection of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone.  ( 73,  pp. 3951-3974).   Journal of the Atmospheric Science.

Smith,  Galen  Lin,  Yuh Lang  Rastigeyev,  Yevgenly  ( 2016).  Orographic Effects on Supercell: Development and Structure, Intensity and Tracking.  ( 2,  6,  pp. 76-91).   Environmental and Natural Resources Research.

Jung,  Yong  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2016).  Assessment of a regional-scale weather model for hydrological applications in South Korea.  ( 2,  6,  ).   Environment and Natural Resources Research.

Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2016).  Instabilities conducive to aviation turbulence.  In Sharman, R. D. and R. P. Lane,  Aviation Turbulence: Processes, Measurement, Prediction    Springer.

Liu,  Liping  Lin,  Yuh Lang  Chen,  Shu-Hua  ( 2016).  Effects of Landfall Location and Approach Angle of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone over a Long Mountain Range.  ( 14,  4,  ).   Front. Earth Sci..

Garcia-Rivera,  Jose  Lin,  Yuh Lang  Rastigeyev,  Yevgenly  ( 2015).  Tropical Storm Kyle (2002) and cold-air damming: their interactions and impacts on heavy rainfall in the Carolinas.    Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Spinks,  James  Lin,  Yuh Lang  ( 2015).  Variability of the subtropical highs, African easterly jet and easterly wave intensities over North Africa.  ( 35,  pp. 3540-3555).   International Journal of Climatology.