Yahya R Kamalipour


DepartmentJournalism and Mass Communications





OfficeCrosby Hall
Room: 127

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Yahya R Kamalipour


Ph D: Speech & Dramatic Art, University of Missouri - Columbia, 1986

MA: Speech, University of Wisconsin- Superior, 1978

BA: Mass Communication--Public Relations, Minnesota State University, 1977

Other: Marshalltown Community College, 1975

Research Interests

Global Media, Cultural Diversity, Stereotyping, Media Impact, Digital Communication, and Globalization

Recent Publications

Friedrichsen,  Mike  ( 2017).  Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media: Media Management, Media Convergence and Globalization. 

Greidina ,  Nadejda  ( 2016).  Communicating through the Universe. 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2010).  Media, Power, and Politics in the Digital Age.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2009).  The Right to Communication: Historical Hopes, Global Debates and Future Premises.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2008).  Global Media Journal Book Series, Volume I.  Yes 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2008).  Global Media Journal Book Series, Volume II.  Yes 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2007).  Global Communication, 2nd edition.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2006).  The battle of the airwaves: The rise and proliferation of Iranian satellite TV channels.  No    Transnational Broadcasting Studies.

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2005).  Bring รข€˜Em On: Media and politics in the Iraq war.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2005).  The media globe: Trends in international mass media.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2004).  War, media and propaganda: A global perspective.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2003).  Globalization and Corporate Media Hegemony.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2001).  Media, Sex, Violence, and Drugs in the Global Village.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2000).  Religion, Law and Freedom: A Global Perspective. 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 2000).  The TV Terrorist: Media Images of Middle Easterners.  No  ( 4,  2,  pp. pp 87-96).

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 1999).  Images of the U.S. Around the World: A Multicultural Perspective.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 1998).  Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 1995).  The U.S. Media and the Middle East: Image and Perception.  No 

Kamalipour,  Yahya  ( 1994).  Mass Media in the Middle East: A Comprehensive Handbook.  No