Xiuli Qu

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentIndustrial and Systems Engineering



OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 424

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Xiuli Qu


Ph D: Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 2006

MS: Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 2002

MS: Automation Control and Instrumentation, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 1995

BS: Automatic Instruments, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 1992

Research Interests

Stochastic Modeling and Optimization, Healthcare Engineering, Data Mining and Health Information System, Emergency Response, Transportation, Renewable Energy/Sustainable Systems, RFID/Wireless Sensor Network Applications

Recent Publications

Johnson,  Laquanda  Qu,  Xiuli  ( 2017).  A Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Model for Phlebotomist Scheduling in Hospital Laboratories.  In Sally Brailsford, Paul Harper, Fay Payton and Cindy Le Rouge  ( 3,  6,  pp. 1-12).   Health Systems.

Qu,  Xiuli  Peng,  Yidong  Shi,  Jing  LaGanga,  Linda  ( 2015).  An MDP model for walk-in patient admission management in primary care clinic.  ( 168,  pp. 303-320).   International Journal of Production Economics.

Peng,  Yidong  Shi,  Jing  Qu,  Xiuli  ( 2014).  A hybrid simulation and genetic algorithm approach to determine the optimal scheduling templates for open access clinics admitting walk-in patients.  ( 74,  pp. 282-296).   Computers & Industrial Engineering.

Johnson,  Laquanda  Qu,  Xiuli  ( 2014).  Applying scenario reduction heuristics in stochastic programming for phlebotomist scheduling.  ( 3,  8,  pp. 1-4).   Management Science and Engineering.

Chapman,  Jarrett  Davis,  Lauren  Samanlioglu,  Funda  Qu,  Xiuli  ( 2014).  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Prepositioning Policies in Response to Natural Disasters.  ( 2,  5,  pp. 86-100).   International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems.

Liu,  Heping  Shi,  Jing  Qu,  Xiuli  ( 2013).  Empirical investigation on using wind speed volatility to estimate the operation probability and power output of wind turbines.  ( 67,  pp. 8-17).   Energy Conversion and Management.

Davis,  Lauren  Samanlioglu,  Funda  Qu,  Xiuli  Root,  Sarah  ( 2013).  Inventory Planning and Coordination in disaster relief efforts.  ( 2,  141,  pp. 561-573).   International Journal of Production Economics.

Qu,  Xiuli  Peng,  Yidong  Kong,  Nan  Shi,  Jing  ( 2013).  A two-phase approach to scheduling multi-category outpatient appointments – A case study of a women's clinic.  ( 3,  16,  pp. 197-216).   Health Care Management Science.

Qu,  Xiuli  Rardin,  Ronald  Williams,  Julie  ( 2012).  A mean–variance model to optimize the fixed versus open appointment percentages in open access scheduling systems.  ( 3,  53,  pp. 554–564).   Decision Support Systems.

Erdem,  Ergin  Qu,  Xiuli  Shi,  Jing  ( 2012).  Rescheduling of elective patients upon the arrival of emergency patients.  ( 1,  54,  pp. 551–563).   Decision Support Systems.