Steven Xiaochun Jiang

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentIndustrial and Systems Engineering


OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 426B

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Steven Xiaochun Jiang


Ph D: Industrial Engineering, Clemson University, 2001

MS: Mechanical Engineering Mechanical & Electronic Control, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, 1998

BS: Mechanical & Electronic Control, East China Institute of Technology, 1992

Research Interests

Modeling human performance in complex systems, usability engineering, and visual analytics. Applications include manufacturing, construction, aviation, healthcare and military.

Recent Publications

Nuamah,  Joseph  Seong,  Younho  Jiang,  Steven  Park,  Eui  ( 2018).  Evaluating Effectiveness of Information Visualizations using Cognitive Fit Theory: A Neuroergonomic Approach.    Decision Support Systems.

Desai,  Yogeeta  Jiang,  Steven  Davis,  Lauren  ( 2017).  Development of a Dashboard for a Local Food Bank.    American Journal of Eningeering and Applied Science.

Jimerson,  Brittney  Park,  Eui  Jiang,  Steven  Stajsic,  Davorin  ( 2016).  Digital Human Modeling of Caretakers Preparing Patients for Patient Transfer Devices.  ( 12,  3,  pp. 98-103).   International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering, and Technology(IARJSET).

Davis,  Lauren  Jiang,  Steven  Morgan,  Shona  Nuamah,  Isaac  Terry,  Jessica  ( 2016).  Analysis and prediction of food donation behavior for a domestic hunger relief organization.  ( 182,  pp. 26-37).   International Journal of Production Economics.

Orgut,  Irem  Brock, III,  Luther  Davis,  Lauren  Ivy,  Julie  Jiang,  Steven  Morgan,  Shona  Uzsoy,  Reha  Hale,  Charlie  Middleton,  Earline  ( 2016).  Achieving Equity, Effectiveness, and Efficiency in Food Bank Operations: Strategies for Feeding America with Implications for Global Hunger Relief.  Advances in Managing Humanitarian Operations    Springer International Publishing.

Davis,  Dorian  Jiang,  Steven  ( 2016).  Usability Testing of Existing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Web-Based Interface .  ( 92,  pp. 62-72).   International Journal of Medical Informatics.

Davis,  Dorian  Leak,  Olivia  Jiang,  Steven  ( 2014).  Usability Evaluation of Engineering Research Center for Compact Efficient Fluid Power Website. , 17, 416..  In Francisco Rebelo, Marcelo Soares,  Advances in Ergonomics In Design, Usability & Special Populations: Part II  ( 17,  pp. 416-425).   AHFE Conference.

Chenou,  Jules  Esterline,  Albert  Ntuen,  Celestine  Jiang,  Steven  Jiang,  Zongliang  ( 2013).  Discovering Socio-behavioral Metrics in Mobile Ad-Hoc Systems.  ( 6,  1,  ).   International Journal of Engineering Applications.

Osafo-Yeboah,  Benjamin  Jiang,  Steven  Delpish,  Ritson  Jiang,  Zongliang  Ntuen,  Celestine  ( 2013).  Empirical study to investigate the range of force feedback necessary for best operator performance in a haptic controlled excavator interface.  ( 3,  43,  pp. 197รข€“202).   International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.

Wiyor,  Hanniebey  Ntuen,  Celestine  Stephens,  Joseph  Jiang,  Steven  Jiang,  Zongliang  ( 2013).  Classifying visual fatigue symptoms based on neurophysiological signals and psychophysiological ratings..  ( 1,  2,  pp. 11-32).   International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics.