Mulumebet Worku


DepartmentAnimal Science



OfficeB.C. Webb Hall
Room: 229B

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Mulumebet Worku


Day 3 - Friday, September 23, 2016***, BIO, 2016

Other: CEV Multimedia, 2016

Other: University of Utah, 2016

Other: Micorbiome bioinformatics, Georgetown university adn NCAT, 2016

Other: Genomics, Bioinformatics and Microarray analysis, Summer isntitute in statistical genetics , 2005

Other: PCR , NIH, 1995

Ph D: Animal Sciences, General, University of Maryland, 1993

MS: Animal Science , University of Maryland , 1989

BS: Animal Science, Alemay College of Agriculture Addis AbabaUniversity, 1980

Research Interests

Animal health, molecular genetics, and genomic diverstiy, food security and safety

Recent Publications

Ekwemalor, Kingsley  Adjei-Fremah, Sarah  Asiamah, Emmanuel  Worku, Mulumebet  (2018).  Molecular Genetics and Genome Biology.  In Sandor Kukovics    Goat Science/Intech Open Science.

Adjei-Fremah, Sarah  Ekwemalor, Kingsley  Worku, Mulumebet  Ibrahim, Salam  (2018).  Probiotics and Ruminant Health.  In Shymaa Enany   Probiotics/ Intech Open Science.

Issa, Aseel  Schimmel, Keith  Worku, Mulumebet  Abolghasem, Shahbazi  Ibrahim, Salam  Tahergorabi, Reza  (2018).  Sweet Potato Starch‐Based Nanocomposites: Development, Characterization and Biodegradability.   Starch‐Stärke.

Karlton-Senaye, Bernice  Adjei-Fremah, Sarah  Worku, Mulumebet  Williams, Leonard  (2018).  Synergistic Effect of Polysaccharide Gums and Antimicrobial Agents on Susceptibility and Protein Expression of Select Pathogenic Microorganisms in Milk.  (2,  7,  pp. 35-53).  Journal of Food Research.

Worku, Mulumebet  Adjei-Fremah, Sarah  Whitley, Niki  Jackai, Louis  (2017).  Effect of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) Pasture Grazing on Growth, Gastrointestinal Parasite Infection and Immune Response Biomarkers of Goat.  (1,  10,  pp. 27-37).  Journal of Agricultural Science.

worku, Mulumebet  (2017).  Effects of intrauterine infusion of Escherichsia colie lipolyscharied on uterine health, resolution of purulent vaginal discharge and reproductivne performance of lactatting dairy cows .   Journal of Dairy Science.