Mulumebet Worku


DepartmentAnimal Sciences


OfficeB.C. Webb Hall
Room: 229B

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Mulumebet Worku


Ph D: Animal Sciences, The University of Maryland, 1993

MS: Animal Science , The University of Maryland , 1989

BS: Animal Science, Addis Ababa University, 1981

Research Interests

Animal health, molecular genetics, and genomic diverstiy, food security and safety

Recent Publications

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  41 Unique Signatures of Galectin Expression in Cow Blood Exposed to Microbial Cell Wall . 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Effect of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) Pasture Grazing on Growth, Gastrointestinal Parasite Infection and Immune Response Biomarkers of Goat.. 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Galectin Secretion and modulation in sheep blood. 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Microarray analysis of the effect of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) phenolic extract in bovine peripheral blood.. 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Molecular Genetics and Genome Biology. 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Parity and Periparturient Period Affects Galectin Gene Expression in Holstein Cow Blood. 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Probiotics and Ruminant Health. Probiotics - Current Knowledge and Future Prospects. 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Probiotics and Ruminant Health. Probiotics. Edited by Shymaa Enany . 

Worku,  Mulumebet  ( 2018).  Progress in the Utilization of Cowpea for Animal Health and Production: A Systems Approach. Cowpea: Research Progress and Management Challenges, .