Wendy C. Hamblet


DepartmentLiberal Studies



OfficeGeneral Classroom Building
Room: 204

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Wendy C. Hamblet


Ph D: Philosophy, The Pennsylvania State University, 2000

MA: Philosophy, Brock University, 1997

BA: Philosophy, Brock University, 1996

Research Interests

Conflict Theory; Violence; Identity and Difference; Penology; Philosophy of Punishment and Justice; Nature and the Human Condition; Trauma Studies; Eastern Philosophies.

Recent Publications

Hamblet,  Wendy  ( 2015).  “A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Nature of Human Dwelling” .  In Andrew Fiala,  in Rodopi Press (Amsterdam) Philosophies of Peace Series, Volume The Nature of Peace and the Peace of Nature (2015).  ( Yes,  ).   Rodopi, Amsterdam.

Hamblet,  Wendy  ( 2014).  Conceiving Evil: A Phenomenology of Perpetration.    Algora Publishing.

Hamblet,  Wendy  ( 2014).  “Nietzsche, Friedrich” .  In Bruce A. Arrigo, J. Geoffrey Golson, eds.,  Criminal Justice Ethics Review    Sage.

Hamblet,  Wendy  ( 2014).  “The Problem of Problems for Social Justice” .  Multicultural Communication: Awareness in Criminal Justice, D. Williams, ed. (Nova Press, 2014).    Nova Press.

Hamblet,  Wendy  ( 2013).  Daemon in the Sanctuary: the Enigma of Homespace Violence.    Algora Publishing.

Hamblet,  Wendy  ( 2013).  “On the Nature of Public Life in Plato and Rancière”.  Philosophies of Peace Series Volume: Philosophy and the Public Life (Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2013). 

Hamblet,  Wendy  ( 2013).  “Struggles for Recognition or the Power of the “Really Made Up” .  In Chief Editor Richard Allen    Appraisal Journal of Post-Critical and Personalist Studies.