Terrence W. Thomas


DepartmentAgribusiness, Applied Economics, and Agriscience Education




OfficeCharles H. Moore Ag Research Building
Room: A-36

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Terrence W. Thomas


Ph D: Vocational Education, Louisiana State University, 1989

MS: Continuing and Vocational Education, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1981

BS: Agriculture, University of West Indies, 1974

Research Interests

Consumer food shopping behavior and preferences, consumer eating habits and choices in food deserts, role of community-based organizations in community development, complexity collaboration and problem solving in communities and novel organization structures for supporting community development and entrepreneurship

Recent Publications

Legesse, Befikadu  Jefferson Moore, Kenrett  Thomas, Terrence  (2017).  Impacts of land tenure and property rights on reforestation intervention in Ethiopia.  no  (70,  pp. 494-499).  Land Use Policy.

Gunden, Cihat  Thomas, Terrence   (2017).  Capitalizing on the Relationship among Food-related Values, Food-related Lifestyle and Food-related Behavior for Promoting Healthy Dietary Behavior among Food Desert Residents. .  In Recep EFE, Murat ZENCIRKIRAN, Jan A. WENDT, Zeynal TUMSAVAS, Halil UNA.L Bilyana BORISOVA,  yes   ST. KLIMENT OHRIDSKI UNIVERSITY PRESS SOFIA.

Thomas, Terrence  Gunden, Cihat  Oluwamayokun, Aderunmu  (2017).  Exploring the relationship among food-related values, food-related lifestyle and food-related behavior as lever for changing dietary habits of food desert residents.  (2,  - vol. 28 ,  pp. 40-45).  Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech .

Thomas, Terrence   Gunden, Cihat  Miran, Bulent   (2016).  Collaboration: investigating the convergence between theory and practice..  no  (6,  7,  ).  Journal of Business and Economics (ISSN 2155-7950):Academic Star Publishing Company.

Thomas, Terrence   Gunden, Cihat  (2015).  Understanding consumers’ attitudes toward fruits and vegetable attributes: a multi-method approach.  (3,  4,  pp. 8).  Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics :Life Science Global.

Thomas, Terrence  Cihat, Gunden  (2014).  Organic agriculture: consumers, community and the environment.  In Vytautas Pilipavicius,  yes   INTECH Pblications, Rijeka, Croatia..

Gray, Benjamin   Walker, Jane  Thomas, Terrence  (2014).  Assessing the performance of a leadership development program through an innovative methodology called the LPI-CL..  (13,  ).  Journal of Extension Systems.

Murat, Cankurt  Thomas, Terrence  Gunden, Cihat  Miran, Bulent  (2013).  Consumer decision-making styles: investigation of food shopping behavior. .  (2,  11,  pp. 224-227).  Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment.