Tyra N. Whittaker





OfficeProctor Hall
Room: 368

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Tyra N. Whittaker


Ph D: Rehab Counseling & Behavior Addiction, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1997

MA: Guidance and Counseling, Xavier University of Louisiana, 1994

BS: Psychology, Xavier University of Louisiana, 1993

Research Interests

Recruitment and Retention, Mentoring people of color in academia, Pre-marital Counseling

Recent Publications

Evans,  Courtney  Booth,  Caroline  Whittaker,  Tyra  ( 2018).  Rehabilitation Career Counseling Self-Efficacy. 

Mathew,  Shalini  Khan,  Amber  Leak,  Yasmin  Smith,  Shirlene  Whittaker,  Tyra  ( 2018).  Case Management in Allied Health.  Case Management for the Health, Human, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services    Aspen Publishers.

Whittaker,  Tyra  Lawrence,  Shakeerrah  Dashiell-Shoffner,  Jennifer  ( 2018).  Case Management in Forensic Environments.  Case Management for the Health, Human, and Vocational Rehabilitation Services    Aspen Publishers.

Harley,  Debra  Cabe,  Becky  Woolums,  Ralph  Whittaker,  Tyra  ( 2015).  Vulnerability and Marginalization of Adult Ex-Offenders with Disabilities in Community and Employment Reintegration.  ( 4,  45,  pp. 4-14).   Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling.

Moore,  Corey  Manyibe,  Edward  Whittaker,  Tyra  Washington,  Andre  Uchegbu,  Nkeche  Cross,  Kenyotta  Staten,  Bridget   ( 2012).  Policy and systems issues limiting the participation of historically Black colleges and universities in the federal disability research agenda.  ( 1,  26,  pp. 67-82).   Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education.

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Staten,  B.  Staten,  D.  Hollis,  A.  Whittaker,  Tyra  ( 2009).  Diversity and rehabilitation counseling: A historical perspective of the contributions of minority serving institutions to the field of rehabilitation counseling.  ( 3,  23,  pp. 149-158).   Rehabilitation Education.

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