Tiffany M. Fuller

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentHuman Performance and Leisure Studies


OfficeCorbett Sports Center
Room: G03

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Tiffany M. Fuller


Ph D: Exercise & Sport Management, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2009

MS: Adapted Physical Education, North Carolina A&T State University, 1999

BS: Health and Physical Education, North Carolina A&T State University, 1998

Research Interests


Recent Publications

Rotich,  Jerono  Fuller,  Tiffany   lee,  Minyong  ( 2018).  Intricacies of Cross-Cultural Mentoring: A Case of International Faculty and Scholars..  In Cassandra Sligh Conway (Ed.), Faculty Mentorship at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. IGI Global Press. 

Lee,  Minyong  Nesbitt,  Kalik  Brothers,  Alexander  Fuller,  Tiffany  ( 2017).  Female Fighters in MMA Fight Like A Girl: A Look into Female Fighters from A Marketing Approach .  ( 6,  8,  pp. 16-21).   International Journal of Business and Social Science .

Jackson,  Nicole  Thompson,  Asia  Lee,  Minyong  Rotich,  Jerono  Fuller,  Tiffany  ( 2017).  Impact of spectator motivation on long-term league sustainability for Women's basketball league.  ( 1,  14,  pp. 519-527).   Journal of Human Sciences.

Rotich,  Jerono  Fuller,  Tiffany   ( 2016).  Promoting Culturally Sensitive Strategies to Enhance Physical Education among Immigrant and Refugee Youth.  In Jared Kengwee,  Handbook of Research on Global Issues in Next-Generation Teacher Education    IGI Global.

Webb,  Tammy  Webb,  Daniel   Fults-McMurtery,  R  Fuller,  Tiffany  Jasper,  Z  ( 2014).  Perceptions of Body figure attractiveness among African American male college students.    Jornal of African American Studies.

Yong,  Wi-So  Swearingin,  Brenda  Crooms,  Brandon  Li,  Rami  Choi,  Yeoung-Jung  Dail,  Teresa  Melton,  Diana  Fuller,  Tiffany  Ha,  Chang-Ho  ( 2012).  Body composition measurements determined by air displacement plethysmography and eight-polar bioelectrical impedance analysis are equivalent in African American college students..  ( 6,  6,  pp. 1896-1899).   Health Med.

Yong,  Wi-So  Sung,  Dong-Jun  Swearingin,  Brenda  Baek,  Seong-Ik  Rhi,  Soung-Yob  Webb,  Daniel  Fuller,  Tiffany  ( 2011).  Prevalence of obesity in Korean adolescents and its relationship with the weekly frequency of the physical education classes.  ( 4,  10,  ).   Journal of Sports Science & Medicin.

Fuller,  Tiffany  Swearingin,  Brenda  Webb,  Daniel  ( 2011).  The relationship between physical activity level and body mass index among elementary school students in North Carolina.  ( 2,  9,  pp. 33-37).   International Journal of Asian Society for Physical education, Sports and Dance.