Thomas C. Redd

TitleAssociate Professor



OfficeGeneral Classroom Building
Room: A441

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Thomas C. Redd


Ph D: Applied Mathematics, General, Brown University, 2006

MS: Applied Mathematics, Brown University, 2002

MS: Exploration Geophysics, University of Oklahoma, 2000

BS: Pure Mathematics, Fort Valley State University (College), 1996

Research Interests

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Ergodicity and Mixing Lagrangian Assessments of Eulerian Fields Morphology

Recent Publications

Cousins-Cooper,  Kathy  Clemence,  Dominic  Redd,  Thomas  Luke,  Nicholas  Kim,  Seongtae  ( 2019).  Math Emporium Instructional Course Design: Algebra Course Evolution at an HBCU.  In Zakiya S. Wilson-Kennedy, Goldie S. Byrd, Eugene Kennedy, Henry T. Frierson ,  Broadening Participation in STEM: Effective Methods, Practices, and Programs  ( 22,  pp. 237-263).

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Redd,  Thomas  Dubansky,  Brooke  Osborn,  Michelle  Tully,  Thomas   Homberger,  Dominique  ( 2012).  A Registration Algorithm for the Identification of Individual Parrots Based on th ePatterns of Filing Ridges on the Internal Surface of Their Upper Bill Tip.  In Joao Manuel R. S. Tavares  ( 3,  6,  pp. 68-91).   International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics.

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