Sun Yi

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentMechanical Engineering



OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 604

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Sun Yi


Ph D: Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, 2009

MS: Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan , 2006

BA: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, 2004

Research Interests

Sun Yi's current research interests include analysis and control of dynamic systems with application to robots, vehicles, and aircraft.

Recent Publications

Armah, Stephen  Yi, Sun  (2018).  Adaptive Control for Quadrotor UAVs Considering Time Delay: Study with Flight Payload.  (5,  2,  ).  Robotics & Automation Engineering Journal .

Han, Jaeyoung  Yu, Sangseok  Yi, Sun  (2017).  Adaptive control for robust air flow management in an automotive fuel cell system.  (190,  pp. 73 - 83).  Applied Energy.

Han, Jaeyoung  Yu, Sangseok  Yi, Sun  (2017).  Advanced thermal management of automotive fuel cells using a model reference adaptive control algorithm.  (7,  42,  pp. 4328 - 4341).  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Okore-Hanson, Theophilus   Yi, Sun  (2017).  Internet-Based Teleoperation of Carts Considering Effects of Time Delay via Continuous Pole Placement.   American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Armah, Stephen  Yi, Sun  (2017).  Analysis of Time Delays in Quadrotor Systems and Design of Control.  In T. Insperger, G. Orosz, and T. Ersal ,  Advances in Delays and Dynamics   Springer International Publishing.

Armah, Stephen  Yi, Sun  (2016).  Design of feedback control for quadrotors considering signal transmission delays.  (6,  14,  pp. 1395-1403).  International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems (IJCAS).

Armah, Stephen  Yi, Sun  (2016).  Feedback control of quad-rotors with a Matlab-based simulator.  (6,  13,  ).  American Journal of Applied Sciences.