Paul Michael Stanfield

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentIndustrial and Systems Engineering


OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 403

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Paul Michael Stanfield


Ph D: Industrial Engineering, North Carolina State University, 1995

MS: Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, North Carolina State University, 1993

MBA: Business Administration, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1990

BS: Electrical Engineering, North Carolina State University, 1987

Research Interests

Asset-Based Systems Engineering Bio and Socio Inspired Design Military Logistics

Recent Publications

Davis,  Lauren  Samanlioglu,  Funda  Jiang,  Steven  Mota,  Daniel  Stanfield,  Paul  ( 2012).  A heuristic approach for allocation of data to RFID tags: A data allocation knapsack problem.  ( 1,  39,  pp. 93-104).   Computers and Operations Research.

Qu,  Xiuli  Simpson,  LaKausha  Stanfield,  Paul  ( 2011).  A model for quantifying the value of RFID-enabled equipment tracking in hospitals.  ( 1,  25,  pp. 23รข€“31).   Advanced Engineering Informatics.

Uzochukwu,  Benedict  Udoka,  Silvanus  Stanfield,  Paul  Park,  Eui  ( 2010).  DESIGN FOR SUSTAINMENT-A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK.    IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.

Osman,  Mojahid  Ram,  Balasubramanian  Stanfield,  Paul  Samanlioglu,  Funda  Davis,  Lauren  Bhaduri,  Joy  ( 2010).  Radio Frequency Identification System Optimization Models for Life Cycle of a Durable Product.  ( 9,  48,  pp. 2699-2721).   International Journal of Production Research.

Uzochukwu,  Benedict  Udoka,  Silvanus  Stanfield,  Paul  ( 2009).  A Predictive Decision Support Tool to Improve Design for Sustainment.    IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.

Stanfield,  Paul  King,  Russell  Hodgson,  Thom  ( 2008).  Determining Sequence and Ready Times in a Large Scale Remanufacturing Operation.  ( 7,  38,  pp. 565-575).   IIE Transactions.

McWilliams,  Douglas  Stanfield,  Paul  Geiger,  Christopher  ( 2008).  Minimizing the Completion Time of the Transfer Operations in a Central Parcel Consolidation Terminal with Unequal-Batch-Size Inbound Trailers.  ( 4,  54,  pp. 709-720).   Computers and Industrial Engineering.

Stanfield,  Paul  Moineau,  Caroline  Morgan,  Shona  Udoka,  Silvanus  ( 2006).  2006-1433: TOOLS FOR AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT USED IN THE ACTIVE LEARNING IN THE VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE SYSTEM (ALIVE).  ( 11,  pp. 1).   age.

Stanfield,  Paul  Davis,  Lauren  Samanlioglu,  Funda  Udoka,  Silvanus  ( 2006).  Dynamic allocation of RFID memory across the product life cycle.    IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.