Stephanie E. Kelly

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentBusiness Education



OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 343

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Stephanie E. Kelly


Ph D: Communication and Information, University of Tennessee, 2012

MS: Organizational Communication, Murray State University, 2007

BS: Mathematics, Murray State University, 2006

Research Interests

As a communication scholar, presence is Dr. Kelly's research domain, with specializations in interpersonal influence and measurement. She is primarily interested in how messages affect receiver motivation and information behaviors. This influence is prevalent in physician-patient, teacher-student, and supervisor-subordinate relationships. Overall, her research focuses on measuring and understanding the role of presence in reception and response processes, parsing out the many conceptualizations of presence including immediacy, social presence, and parasocial interaction.

Recent Publications

Violanti, Michelle  Kelly, Stephanie  Garland, Michelle  Christen, Scott  (2018).  Instructor clarity, humor, immediacy, and student learning: Replication and extension.  (63,  pp. 251-262).  Communication Studies.

Croucher, Stephen   Kelly, Stephanie  Condon, Shawn  Campbell, E  Badenas, Flora  Rahmani, Diyako  Zheng, Cheng  Nshom, Elvis  (2018).  A longitudinal analysis of the relationship between cultural adaptation and argumentativeness.  (55,  pp. 91-108).  International Journal of Conflict Management.

Kelly, Stephanie  Liu, Liping  Denton, Zachary  Lee, Clinton  Croucher, Stephen  (2018).  Instructional Immediacy in the Chinese Quantitative Reasoning Classroom.  (118,  pp. 104-112).  School Science and Mathematics.

Croucher, Stephen  Elira, Talgot  Elira, T  Kelly, Stephanie  (2018).  An exploratory analysis of argumentativeness in Kyrgyzstan.  (10,  pp. 91-98).  Russian Journal of Communication.

Morrow, Jennifer  Shipley, Lisa  Kelly, Stephanie  (2018).  Using PechaKucha in the classroom.  In R. J. Harnish, K. R. Bridges, D. N. Sattler, M. L. Signorella, & M. Munson ,  The Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning    Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

Zeng, C  Croucher, S  Kelly, Stephanie  Hui, C  (2018).  An exploration of organizational assimilation among state-owned, private-owned, and foreign-invested enterprises in China.  (1,  35,  pp. 58-67).  Communication Research Reports.

Autman, Hamlet  Kelly, Stephanie  (2017).  Reexamining the Writing Apprehension Measure.  (80,  pp. 516-529).  Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.

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