Sherrie D. Cannoy

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentBusiness Education



OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 342

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Sherrie D. Cannoy


Ph D: Information Systems, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2008

MS: Information Technology Management, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 2000

MS: Business Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 1995

BS: Double Major: Information Systems, Business Education, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, 1992

Research Interests

• Technology in Education • Academic Integrity • Social Implications of Technology • Issues in Teaching • Privacy and Security in Information Systems • Healthcare Information Technology • Consumer Empowerment in Health Information Exchange

Recent Publications

Cannoy, Sherrie  (2015).  Teaching about Assistive Technology to Reinforce Computer Concepts.  (4,  69,  pp. 31-34).  Business Education Forum.

Cannoy, Sherrie  (2015).  Integrating Social Responsibility and Social Studies for an Interdisciplinary Approach in Business Computer Classes.  (4,  13,  ).  Journal of Applied Research in Business Instruction.

Snyder, Lisa  Cannoy, Sherrie  (2013).  Chapter 7, Teaching in the Online Classroom.  Effective Methods of Teaching Business Education  (2013,  2013 Yearbook,  pp. 96-110).  National Business Education Association.

Snyder, Lisa  Cannoy, Sherrie  (2013).  Teaching in the Virtual Classroom.  National Business Education Association Yearbook  (2013,  ).  National Business Education Association.

Cannoy, Sherrie  (2011).  An Interpretive Study of Critical Issues in Electronic Health Information Exchange.  (1,  2,  pp. 1-17).  International Journal of Dependable and Trustworthy Information Systems.

Palvia, Prashant  Pinjani, Praveen  Cannoy, Sherrie  Jacks, Tim  (2011).  Contextual constraints in media choice: Beyond information richness.  (3,  51,  pp. 657-670).  Decision Support Systems.

Gaytan, Jorge  Cannoy, Sherrie  (2011).  Using The Shannon and Weaver Communication Model to achieve effective communication in online courses..  In Dr. Betty Kleen  (19,  pp. 35-46).  Journal of Business and Training Education.

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