Reza Tahergorabi

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentFamily and Consumer Sciences



OfficeCarver Hall
Room: 171- B

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

 Reza Tahergorabi


Other: Food Science , Purdue University, 2013

Other: Seafood Sciences, Oregon State University, Seafood Research and Education Center , 2012

Ph D: Animal and Food Science, West Virginia University, 2012

Other: Natural Resources Engineering (Fisheries), Tehran Azad University, 2007

Other: Fisheries Engineering, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, 2003

Research Interests

My research interests include two major areas: (1) Recovery of proteins and lipids from seafood processing by-products and development of functional food products and (2) fabrication and characterization of biodegradable films, edible coatings, and nanocomposites for food packaging.

Recent Publications

Issa, Aseel  Schimmel, Keith  Worku, Mulumebet  Abolghasem, Shahbazi  Ibrahim, Salam  Tahergorabi, Reza  (2018).  Sweet Potato Starch‐Based Nanocomposites: Development, Characterization and Biodegradability.   Starch‐Stärke.

Tahergorabi, Reza  (2017).  Egg as Nutraceuticals.  Egg Production: Innovations and Strategies for Improvements   Elsevier.

Tahergorabi, Reza  (2017).  Proteins, Peptides and Amino Acids.  In Charis Galanakis,  Nutraceutical and Functional Food Components: Effects of Innovative Processing Techniques    Elsevier.

Tahergorabi, Reza  (2017).  Development of a sweet potato starch-based coating and its effect on quality attributes of shrimp during refrigerated storage.  (88,  pp. 203-209).  LWT-Food Science and Technology.

Tahergorabi, Reza  (2017).  Application of a surimi-based coating to improve the quality attributes of shrimp during refrigerated storage.  (6,  ).  Foods.

Issa, Aseel   Ibrahim, Salam  Tahergorabi, Reza  (2017).  Impact of Sweet Potato Starch-based Nanocomposite Films Activated with Thyme Essential Oil on the Shelf-life of Baby Spinach Leaves.  (43,  6,  ).  Foods.

Anyanwu, Ugochukwu   Alakhrash, Fatimah   Hosseini , Seyed Vali  Ibrahim, Salam  Tahergorabi, Reza  (2017).  Effect of bay (Laurus nobilis L.) essential oil on surimi gels nutritionally enhanced with salmon and flaxseed oils.  (26,  4,  pp. 1-16).  Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology.

Tahergorabi, Reza  Ibrahim, Salam  (2016).  Functional Food Product Development from Fish Processing By-products Using Isoelectric Solubilization/Precipitation.  Proceedings of the 2013 National Conference on Advances in Environmental Science and Technology   Springer International Publishing.

Tahergorabi, Reza  (2016).  Inactivation Kinetics of Foodborne Pathogens with Electron Beam Emphasizing Salmonella.  In Amit K. Jaiswal,  Food Processing Technologies: Impact on Product Attributes   CRC Press.

Tahergorabi, Reza  (2016).  Natural antioxidants: control of oxidation in fish and fish products.  In Rituparna Banerjee,  Natural Antioxidants: Applications in Foods of Animal Origin   CRC Press.