Robert H. Newman

TitleAssociate Professor



OfficeBarnes Hall
Room: 105

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Robert H. Newman


Ph D: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University, 2007

BA: Biology and Biochemistry, McDaniel College, 1999

Research Interests

We are interested in understanding the regulation of phosphorylation-dependent signaling pathways. Research is organized around two central questions: 1) which cellular proteins are phosphorylated by a given kinase and 2) how are specific kinases and phosphatases—and ultimately the signaling networks of which they are a part—regulated within the cellular environment? To answer these questions, we take a two-pronged approach based on 1) systems-level analysis of kinase-substrate relationships and the biochemical factors underlying kinase substrate selection and 2) the development and application of genetically-targetable FRET-based biosensors.

Recent Publications

Al-Barakati,  H  McConnell,  E  Hicks,  L  Poole,  L  Newman,  Robert  Kc,  Dukka  ( 2018).  SVM-SulfoSite: A support vector machine based predictor for sulfenylation sites..  ( 1,  8,  pp. 11288).   Scientific reports.

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Ismail,  H  Newman,  Robert  Kc,  Dukka  ( 2016).  RF-Hydroxysite: a random forest based predictor for hydroxylation sites..  ( 8,  12,  pp. 2427-35).   Molecular bioSystems.

Ewunkem,  Akamu  Parson,  Carl  Muganda,  Perpetua  Newman,  Robert  ( 2015).  A Low-Cost Method for Tracking the Induction of Apoptosis using FRET-based Activity Sensors in Suspension Cells.  In PM Muganda,  Apoptosis    Methods in Toxicology/Humana Press.

Woodard,  Crystal  Liao,  G  Goodwin,  Corey  Hu,  Jianfei  Dos Reis,  T  Newman,  Robert  Rho,  Heesool  Qian,  Jiang  Zhu,  Heng  Hayward,  S  ( 2015).  A Screen for ERK Primed GSK-3 Substrates Identifies the p53 Inhibitor iASPP.  ( pub ahead of print,  pp. pii: JVI.01072-15).   J. Virol.

Niyitegeka,  Jean-Marie  Newman,  Robert  Ongeri,  Elimelda  ( 2015).  Isoform-specific interactions between meprin metalloproteases and the catalytic subunit of Protein Kinase A: Significance in acute and chronic kidney injury.  No  ( 308,  pp. F56-F68).   American Journal of Physiology - Renal.

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Newman,  Robert  Zhang,  Jin  ( 2014).  The Design and Application of Genetically Encodable Biosensors Based on Fluorescent Proteins.  Fluorescent Protein-based Biosensors  ( 1071,  pp. 16).   Methods in Molecular Biology/Humana Press/Springer.