Radiah Corn Minor

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentAnimal Science




OfficeB.C. Webb Hall
Room: 107h

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Radiah Corn Minor


Ph D: Biomedical Sciences- Microbiology & Immunology, Meharry Medical College, 2005

BS: Biology, Florida A&M University, 1996

Research Interests

I am an Immunologist with training/experience in cell and molecular biology and uses in vitro and in vivo models to investigate mammalian immune regulation. Research is currently focused on the how dietary supplements influence the immune response in mammals. The lab is also interested in how gut microbes influence Health and immunity.

Recent Publications

Mehari, Tsdale  Rorie, Checo  Godfrey, Sherette  Minor, Radiah  Fakayode, Sayo  (2017).  Influence of Arsenic (III), Cadmium (II), Chromium (VI), Mercury (II), and Lead (II) Ions on Human Triple Negative Breast Cancer (HCC1806) Cell Cytotoxicity and Cell Viability .  (1,  7,  pp. 1-17).  Journal of Chemical Health Risks.

Gyawali, Rabin  Minor, Radiah  Donovan, Barry  Ibrahim, Salam  (2015).  Inclusion of Oat in Feeding Can Increase the Potential Probiotic Bifidobacteria in Sow Milk.  (3,  5,  pp. 610–623).  Animals.

Minor, Radiah  (2014).  Survival and changes in cell morphology of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in the presence of caffeine.  (3,  12,  pp. 235-241).  CyTA Journal of Food.

McKnight, Mykea  Allen, Jabria  Waterman, Jenora  Hurley, Steven  Idassi, Joshua  Minor, Radiah  (2014).  MORINGA TEA BLOCKS ACUTE LUNG INFLAMMATION INDUCED BY SWINE CONFINEMENT DUST THROUGH A MECHANISM INVOLVING TNF-a EXPRESSION, C-JUN N-TERMINAL KINASE ACTIVATION AND NEUTROPHIL REGULATION.  (2,  10,  pp. 73-87).  American Journal of Immunology.

Pender, Ruth  Minor, Radiah  Hurley, Steven  Conklin, Dawn  Waterman, Jenora  (2014).  Exposure to swine housing dust modulates macrophage morphology and function.  (1,  10,  pp. 35-45).  American Journal of Immunology.

Minor, Radiah  Robinson-Wright, Melody   Williams, Morika  Hurley, Steve  (2012).  Dietary β-glucan Leads to Increased TNF-α Production in the Lung..  (7,  pp. 55-60).  American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.