Ramine C. Alexander

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentFamily and Consumer Sciences



OfficeBenbow Hall
Room: 202-A

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Ramine C. Alexander


MPH: Public Health, Virginia Tech, 2016

Ph D: Human Nutrition, Food & Exercise, Virginia Tech, 2016

BS: Exercise Science, Winston-Salem State University, 2011

Research Interests

Community-based participatory research, behavioral interventions targeting obesity related behaviors in low-income and minority populations, childhood obesity, nutrition and physical activity

Recent Publications

Brock,  Donna-Jean  Estabrooks,  Paul  Hill,  Jennie  Barlow,  Morgan  Alexander,  Ramine  Price,  Bryan  Marshall,  Ruby  Zoellner,  Jamie  ( 2019).  Building and Sustaining Community Capacity to Address Childhood Obesity A 3-Year Mixed-Methods Case Study of a Community-Academic Advisory Board.  ( 1,  42,  pp. 62-79).   FAMILY & COMMUNITY HEALTH.

Hill,  Jennie  Zoellner,  Jamie  You,  Wen  Brock,  Donna  Price,  Bryan  Alexander,  Ramine  Frisard,  Madlyn  Brito,  Fabiana  Hou,  Xiaolu  Estabrooks,  Paul  ( 2019).  Participatory development and pilot testing of iChoose: an adaptation of an evidence-based paediatric weight management program for community implementation.  ( 19,  ).   BMC PUBLIC HEALTH.

Zoellner,  Jamie  Hill,  Jennie  Brock,  Donna  Barlow,  Morgan  Alexander,  Ramine  Brito,  Fabiana  Price,  Bryan  Jones,  Corliss  Marshall,  Ruby  Estabrooks,  Paul  ( 2017).  One-Year Mixed-Methods Case Study of a Community-Academic Advisory Board Addressing Childhood Obesity.  ( 6,  18,  pp. 833-853).   HEALTH PROMOTION PRACTICE.

Zoellner,  Jamie  Hill,  Jennie  You,  Wen  Brock,  Donna  Frisard,  Madlyn  Alexander,  Ramine  Silva,  Fabiana  Price,  Bryan  Marshall,  Ruby  Estabrooks,  Paul  ( 2017).  The Influence of Parental Health Literacy Status on Reach, Attendance, Retention, and Outcomes in a Family-Based Childhood Obesity Treatment Program, Virginia, 2013-2015.  ( 14,  ).   PREVENTING CHRONIC DISEASE.

Zoellner,  Jamie  Hedrick,  Valisa  You,  Wen  Chen,  Yvonnes  Davy,  Brenda  Porter,  Kathleen  Bailey,  Angela  Lane,  Hannah  Alexander,  Ramine  Estabrooks,  Paul  ( 2016).  Effects of a behavioral and health literacy intervention to reduce sugar-sweetened beverages: a randomized-controlled trial.  ( 13,  ).   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

Alexander,  Ramine  Hill,  Jennie  Grier,  Karissa  MacAuley,  Lorien  McKenzie,  Alisa  Totten,  Tadashi  Zoellner,  Jamie  Porter,  Kathleen  ( 2016).  Evaluating the Feasibility of a Gardening and Nutrition Intervention with a Matched Contact-Control Physical Activity Intervention Targeting Youth.  ( 5,  54,  ).   JOURNAL OF EXTENSION.