Eui H. Park


DepartmentIndustrial and Systems Engineering


OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 401

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Eui H. Park


Ph D: Industrial Engineering, Mississippi State University, 1983

MBA: Business Administration , City University, 1980

MS: Industrial Engineering, Mississippi State University, 1978

BS: Physics, Yonsei University, 1972

Research Interests

Production Systems Design and Analysis, Lean Six Sigma, and Human-Machine Systems Engineering

Recent Publications

Park,  Eui  Sulaie,  Saleh  ( 2018).  Predicting Safety Performance Using Safety Culture Assessment in Oil/Gas Multinational Companies.  ( Vol 5, Issue 8,  pp. 7).   International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology.

Nuamah,  Joseph  Seong,  Younho  Jiang,  Steven  Park,  Eui  ( 2018).  Evaluating Effectiveness of Information Visualizations using Cognitive Fit Theory: A Neuroergonomic Approach.    Decision Support Systems.

Jimerson,  Brittney  Park,  Eui  Jiang,  Steven  Stajsic,  Davorin  ( 2016).  Digital Human Modeling of Caretakers Preparing Patients for Patient Transfer Devices.  ( 12,  3,  pp. 98-103).   International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering, and Technology(IARJSET).

Park,  Eui  Idoye,  Emeka  ( 2016).  Gender Differences in Risk Perception of Trust and Bias in Cyberspace.    International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and Technology .

Munya,  Paul  Ntuen,  Celestine  Park,  Eui   Kim,  Jung Hee  ( 2015).  A Bayesian Abduction Model for Extracting the Most Probable Evidence to Support Sensemaking.  In Dr. David B. Bracewell (general Electric)  ( 1,  6,  pp. 1-19).   International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications .

De Mattos,  Policarpo  Miller,  Daniel  Park,  Eui  ( 2012).  Decision making in trauma centers from the standpoint of complex adaptive systems..  ( 9,  50,  ).   Management Decision.

Uzochukwu,  Benedict  Udoka,  Silvanus  Stanfield,  Paul  Park,  Eui  ( 2010).  DESIGN FOR SUSTAINMENT-A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK.    IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.

Delpish,  Ritson  Jiang,  Steven  Park,  Eui  Udoka,  Silvanus  Jiang,  Zongliang  ( 2010).  Development of a User-Centered Framework for Rescue Robot Interface Design.    IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.

Osafo-Yeboah,  Benjamin  Jiang,  Steven  McBride,  Maranda  Mountjoy,  Daniel  Park,  Eui  ( 2009).  Using the Callsign Acquisition Test (CAT) to investigate the impact of background noise, gender, and bone vibrator location on the intelligibility of bone-conducted speech.  ( 1,  39,  pp. 246-254).   International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.

Delpish,  Ritson  Jiang,  Steven  Park,  Eui  Udoka,  Silvanus  ( 2007).  A User-Centered Design for the Rescue Robot with Fluid Power.    IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings.

Sarin,  Sanjiv  Schimmel,  Keith  Stanfield,  Paul  King,  Franklin  Park,  Eui  ( 2002).  Empowerment of Course Committees in Engineering Education.    Proceedings of International Conference on Engineering Education-2002.

Udoka,  Silvanus  MASSAY,  LORACE  Park,  Eui  ( 1994).  A Structured life-Cycle Design Approach for Robotic Assembly Systems.    Robotics and Manufacturing: Recent Trends in Research, Education, and Applications: Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Robotics and Manufacturing: Research, Education, and Applications (ISRAM’94), Held August 14-18, 1994, in Maui, Hawaii, USA.

Akyeampong,  Joseph  Udoka,  Silvanus  Park,  Eui  A Hydraulic Excavator Augmented Reality Simulator for Operator Training.