Osei-Agyemang Yeboah


DepartmentAgribusiness, Applied Economics, and Agriscience Education



OfficeCharles H. Moore Ag Research Building
Room: A-25

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Osei-Agyemang Yeboah


Ph D: Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1998

MS: Agriculture Economics (Production Economics), North Carolina A&T State University, 1993

Other: Agriculture Economics and Farm Management, University of Science and Technology , 1987

Research Interests

Conduct(ed) research on topics relating to international trade theory and policies, natural and environmental resources economics, agricultural business, marketing (both international & domestic)

Recent Publications

yeboah,  Osei  ( 2018).  Does Climate Change Influence Energy Demand? A Regional Analysis.  ( 212 (2018),  ).   Applied Energy.

yeboah,  Osei  ( 2017).  Landowners’ Choice to Improved Management in the lower Blue Basin of the Nile River in Ethiopia.  ( May-June 2017,  3,  ).   International Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Researchh.

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Naanwaab,  Cephas  Goktepe,  Ipek  Yeboah,  Osei-Agyemang  ( 2014).  Consumers’ Willingness to Pay for Bacteriophage Technology Treated Fresh Produce.  ( 4,  4,  ).   Bacteriophage.

Naanwaab,  Cephas  Yeboah,  Osei-Agyemang  ( 2014).  A Partial Equilibrium Analysis of NAFTA's Impact on U.S..  ( 1,  7,  pp. 89-112).   International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research.

Naanwaab,  Cephas  Yeboah,  Osei-Agyemang  ( 2013).  Migrant Remittances and Human Capital Investments.  ( 2,  6,  pp. 191-202).   Review of Applied Socio-Economic Research.

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Cephas ,  2. Naanwaab,  Yeboah,  Osei-Agyemang  ( 2012).  Demand for Fresh Vegetables in the United States: 1970–2010.  In Anthony N. Rezitis    Economics Research International.

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