Omar Peyton Woodham

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentMarketing, Transportation & Supply Chain


OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 329

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Omar Peyton Woodham


Ph D: Business Administration , Syracuse University, 2010

MBA: Business Administration, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2005

BS: Civil Engineering, University of the West Indies, 1999

Research Interests

Service Quality Brand Loyalty Goal Pursuit

Recent Publications

Woodham,  Omar  ( 2017).  Testing the Effectiveness of a Marketing Simulation to Improve Course Performance.  In Jeff Tanner    Marketing Education Review.

Woodham,  Omar  Hamilton,  Mitchell  Leak,  Roland  ( 2017).  "I Know What I Like, I Like What I Know: The Influence of Product Category Exposure and Cognitive Effort on Brand Preference" .  In Karen Flaherty  ( 2,  25,  ).   Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Woodham,  Omar  Stone,  George  Cort,  Kathryn  Jones,  Michael  ( 2016).  An Exploratory Comparison of Private and HBCU Marketing Student Study Abroad Program (SAP) Participation Intentions.  In Walter Kendall  ( 3,  5,  pp. 35-57).   Atlantic Marketing Journal .

Woodham,  Omar  Williams,  Jacqueline  Mcneil,  Kimberly  ( 2016).  Toward Understanding Attribute Values at Different Price Tiers.  In Gillian Naylor  ( 29,  pp. 91-117).   Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, and Complaining Behavior .

Leak,  Roland  Woodham,  Omar  Mcneil,  Kimberly  ( 2015).  Speaking Candidly: How Managers’ Political Stances Affect Consumers’ Brand Attitudes.  ( 5,  24,  pp. 494-503).   Journal of Product and Brand Management.

Leak,  Roland  Woodham,  Omar  Stone,  George  ( 2015).  Felt discrimination increases offensiveness of stereotyped out-group depictions.  ( 1,  32,  pp. 26-33).   Journal of Consumer Marketing.

Saint Clair,  Julian  Hamilton,  Mitchell  Woodham,  Omar  Bennett,  Delancy  Namin,  Aiden  Is it Expensive? The Dual Effect of Construal Level on Price Judgments.  In Greg W. Marshall; Karen Flaherty    Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Woodham,  Omar  Johnson,  Laquanda  Your Doctor is Skilled, but my Doctor is Nice: Investigating the Effects of Doctor Empathy and Clinical Competence on Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty.    Journal of Services Marketing.

Woodham,  Omar  Cort,  Kathryn  Hamilton,  Mitchell  Saint Clair,  Julian  Food Tastes Great, Service Less Fulfilling: Examining the Moderating Role of Consumer Expertise to Resolve Mismatches between Product Quality and Service Quality.    Journal of Services Marketing.

Woodham,  Omar  Williams,  Jacqueline  The Cruise was Great…One-Star: Examining the Moderating Effect of Price Tier as a Cause of Textual Comment and Star-Rating Mismatches.    Journal of Interactive Marketing.