Nicole Dobbins

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentEducator Preparation


OfficeProctor Hall
Room: 270

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Nicole Dobbins


Ph D: Special Education, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2007

MED: Special Education, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2001

BA: Psychology, Spelman College, 1997

Research Interests

Special Education, Mild Disabilities, Universal Design for Learning, Inclusive Teaching Practices, Cultural Relevant Pedagogy

Recent Publications

Cummings,  Katrina  Sills-Busio,  Dionne  Dobbins,  Nicole  ( 2015).  Parent Professional Partnerships in Early Education: Relationships for Effective Inclusion of Students with Disabilities.  ( 4,  36,  pp. 309-323).   Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education.

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Morgan,  Joseph  Hsiao,  Yun-Ju  Dobbins,  Nicole  Higgins,  Kyle  ( 2015).  Comparing student and teacher perceptions of the importance of social skills in a self-contained setting.    Journal of American Academy of Special Education Professionals.

Mereoiu,  Mariana  Bland,  Carol  Dobbins,  Nicole  Niemeyer,  Judith  ( 2015).  Exploring Perspectives on Child Care With Families of Children With Autism.  ( 1,  17,  ).   Early Childhood Research and Practice.

Jones,  Vita  Higgins,  Kyle  Brandon,  Regina  Cote,  Debra  Dobbins,  Nicole  ( 2013).  A Focus on Resiliency: Young Children With Disabilities.    Young Exceptional Children.

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