Minyong Lee

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentHuman Performance and Leisure Studies



OfficeCorbett Sports Center
Room: G01-A

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Minyong Lee


Ph D: Kinesiology, University of Connecticut, 2012

MA: Education , University of Connecticut, 2006

Other: Mechanical Engineering, Chosun University, 2001

Research Interests

Sport financial and economical effects Multi-cultural sports/events behavior

Recent Publications

Lee,  Minyong  Sumner,  Meg  Winfield,  Alonzo  ( 2018).  Adolescent Purchasing Intentions of Athletic Apparel and Goods. .  ( 7,  7,  pp. 14283-14286).   International Journal of Current Advanced Research.

Ha,  Chang Ho  Lee,  Minyong  ( 2018).  The Impact of Daily Sleep Hours on the Health of Korean Middle-Aged Women.  ( 2,  54,  pp. 166-170).   Community Mental Health Journal.

Rotich,  Jerono  Fuller,  Tiffany   lee,  Minyong  ( 2018).  Intricacies of Cross-Cultural Mentoring: A Case of International Faculty and Scholars..  In Cassandra Sligh Conway (Ed.), Faculty Mentorship at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. IGI Global Press. 

Ford,  Dwedor  Elliott,  Gloria  Lee,  Minyong  ( 2017).  Undergraduate Student Attitudes toward Disabled Persons and Influence on Disability Sport Volunteerism.  ( 2,  4,  pp. 22-32).   Journal of Physical Education and Sports Management.

Lee,  Minyong  Nesbitt,  Kalik  Brothers,  Alexander  Fuller,  Tiffany  ( 2017).  Female Fighters in MMA Fight Like A Girl: A Look into Female Fighters from A Marketing Approach .  ( 6,  8,  pp. 16-21).   International Journal of Business and Social Science .

Jackson,  Nicole  Thompson,  Asia  Lee,  Minyong  Rotich,  Jerono  Fuller,  Tiffany  ( 2017).  Impact of spectator motivation on long-term league sustainability for Women's basketball league.  ( 1,  14,  pp. 519-527).   Journal of Human Sciences.

Lee,  Minyong  Rust,  Kristine  Vance,  Tempest  ( 2016).  Consumer Behaviors of Women’s Basketball at the Collegiate Level.  ( 5,  2,  pp. 1-8).   International Journal of Arts and Humanities.

Lee,  Minyong  Jeong,  Howon  Han,  Joon Young  ( 2016).  An Investigation of Attendance Motivational Factors among Intercollegiate Fans for Non-revenue Sporting Events.  ( 1,  10,  pp. 81-105).   International Journal of Human Movement Science.

Ford,  Dwedor  Elliott,  Gloria  Lee,  Minyong  ( 2015).  Persons with Disabilities and Sport: Undergraduate Students' Perception and Awareness.  ( 1,  49,  pp. 78).   The NCAAHPERD-SM Journal.

Ha,  Chang Ho  Swearingin,  Brenda  Jeon,  Yong Kyun  Lee,  Minyong  ( 2015).  Effects of combined exercise on Homa-Ir, Homa b-cell and atherogenic index in Korean obese female.  ( 1,  11,  pp. 49-55).   Sport Sciences for Health.

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Bruening,  Jennifer  Lee,  Minyong  ( 2007).  The University of Notre Dame: An Examination of the Impact and Evaluation of Brand Equity in NCAA Division I-A Football.  ( 1,  16,  pp. 38-48).   Sport Marketing Quarterly.