Manoj Kumar Jha

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentCivil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering



OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 436

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Manoj Kumar Jha


Ph D: Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering), Iowa State University, 2004

MS: Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering), Iowa State University, 2002

MS: Water Resources Management , Asian Institute of Technology, 2000

Other: Civil Engineering, Tribhuvan University, 1997

Research Interests

Water Cycle, Field and Watershed Modeling, Water Resources Engineering and Management, Climate Change and Land Use Change Impacts on Hydrology and Water Resources, Evaluation of BMPs for Sediment and Nutrients, Extreme Hydrological Events (Floods and Droughts), Uncertainties in Modeling and Assessment

Recent Publications

Assefa,  Tewodros  Jha,  Manoj  Reyes,  Manuel  Srinivasan,  Raghawan  Worklul,  Abeyou  ( 2018).  Assessments of suitable areas for home gardens for irrigation potential, water availability and water-lifting technologies.  ( 4,  10,  ).   Journal of Water.

Le,  Kieu  Jha,  Manoj  Reyes,  Manuel  Jeong,  Jaehak  Doro,  L  Gassman,  Philip  Hok,  L  Sa,  J  boulakia,  S  ( 2018).  Evaluating carbon sequestration under conservation agriculture and conservation tillage systems in Cambodia using the EPIC model.  ( 251,  pp. 37-47).   Journal of Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment .

Le,  Keiu  Jha,  Manoj  Jaehak,  Jeong  Gassman,  Philip  Reyes,  Manuel  Doro,  L  Tran,  Dat  Hok,  L  ( 2018).  Evaluation of long-term SOC and crop productivity within conservation systems using GFDL CM2.1 and EPIC.  ( 10,  ).   Journal of Sustainability .

Le,  Kieu  Jha,  Manoj  Jeong,  Jaehak  Gassman,  Philip  Doro,  L  Hok,  Lyda   Boulakia,  S  ( 2018).  Evaluation of the performance of the EPIC model for yield and biomass simulation under conservation systems in Cambodia.  ( 166,  pp. 90-100).   Agricultural Systems.

Assefa,  Tewodros  Jha,  Manoj  Reyes,  Manuel  Worklul,  Abeyou  ( 2018).  Modeling the impacts of conservation agriculture with drip irrigation system on hydrology and water management in sub-Sahara Africa.  ( 10,  ).   Journal of Sustainability/MDPI.

Deng,  Dongyang  Aryal,  Niroj  Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Jha,  Manoj  ( 2018).  Textiles Wastewater Treatment.  ( 10,  90,  pp. 1648-1662).   Water Environment Research.

Frederick,  Ayivi  Jha,  Manoj  ( 2018).  Estimation of water balance and water yield in the Reedy Fork-Buffalo Creek Watershed in North Carolina using SWAT.  ( 6,  pp. 203-213).   International Soil and Water Conservation Research.

Zaman,  Rawfin  Edmonson,  William  Jha,  Manoj  ( 2016).  Designing a Remote In Situ Soil Moisture Sensor Network for Small Satellite Data Retrieval.  Proceedings of the 2013 National Conference on Advances in Environmental Science and Technology    Springer International Publishing.

Chattopadhyay,  Somsubhra  Jha,  Manoj  ( 2016).  Hydrological response due to projected climate variability in Haw River watershed, North Carolina, USA.  ( 3,  61,  pp. 495--506).   Hydrological sciences journal.

Panagopoulos,  Yiannis  Gassman,  Philip  Jha,  Manoj  Kling,  Catherine  Campbell,  Todd  Srinivasan,  Raghavan  White,  Michael  Arnold,  Jeffrey  ( 2015).  A refined regional modeling approach for the Corn Belt--Experiences and recommendations for large-scale integrated modeling.  ( 524,  pp. 348--366).   Journal of Hydrology.

Sayemuzzaman,  Mohammad  Mekonnen,  Ademe  Jha,  Manoj  ( 2015).  Diurnal temperature range trend over North Carolina and the associated mechanisms.  ( 160,  pp. 99--108).   Atmospheric Research.

Jha,  Manoj  Shah,  Nishant  ( 2015).  Evaluating rainwater harvesting system for school buildings.  ( 4,  11,  pp. 256).   American Journal of Environmental Sciences.

Gassman,  Philip  Jha,  Manoj  Wolter,  Calvin  Schilling,  Keith  ( 2015).  Evaluation of alternative cropping and nutrient management systems with Soil and Water Assessment tool for the Raccoon River Watershed Master Plan.  ( 4,  11,  pp. 227).   American Journal of Environmental Sciences.

Chola,  Benard  Luster-Teasley,  Stephanie  Jha,  Manoj  Picornell,  Miguel  ( 2015).  Fresh water savings through the use of municipal effluents in concrete pavement.  ( 4,  11,  pp. 293).   American Journal of Environmental Sciences.