Ming Dong

TitleAssistant Professor






OfficeNew Science Building
Room: 333

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Ming Dong


Ph D: Biochemistry, University of Delaware, 2013

MS: Biochemical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, 2007

BS: Biochemical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, 2004

Research Interests

Research in this lab applies biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, computational modeling, and enzymatic kinetics study to gain a deep understanding of how protein conformational heterogeneity affects the protein function.

Recent Publications

Dong, Ming  Gonzalez, T  Klems, M  Steinberg, L  Chen, W  Papoutsakis, E  Bahnson, B  (2017).  In vitro methanol production from methyl coenzyme M using the Methanosarcina barkeri MtaABC protein complex..   Biotechnology progress.

Schaefer, Stephanie  Dong, Ming  Bahnson, Brian  Thorpe, Colin  Rozovsky, Sharon  (2013).  Conversion of the Sulfhydryl Oxidase Augmenter of Liver Regeneration into a Selenoprotein.  (2,  104,  pp. 396a).  Biophysical Journal.

Schaefer, S  Dong, Ming  Rubenstein, R  Wilkie, W  Bahnson, B  Thorpe, C  Rozovsky, S  (2013).  (77)Se enrichment of proteins expands the biological NMR toolbox..  (2,  425,  pp. 222-31).  Journal of molecular biology.

Nagel, Z  Meadows, C  Dong, Ming  Bahnson, B  Klinman, J  (2012).  Active site hydrophobic residues impact hydrogen tunneling differently in a thermophilic alcohol dehydrogenase at optimal versus nonoptimal temperatures..  (20,  51,  pp. 4147-56).  Biochemistry.

Nagel, Z  Dong, Ming  Bahnson, B  Klinman, J  (2011).  Impaired protein conformational landscapes as revealed in anomalous Arrhenius prefactors..  (26,  108,  pp. 10520-5).  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Daithankar, V  Schaefer, S  Dong, Ming  Bahnson, B  Thorpe, C  (2010).  Structure of the human sulfhydryl oxidase augmenter of liver regeneration and characterization of a human mutation causing an autosomal recessive myopathy ..  (31,  49,  pp. 6737-45).  Biochemistry.

Dong, Ming  Qi, Shuting  (2006).  Conjugated linoleic acid production by fermentation.  (4,  2,  pp. 1128).  International Journal of Food Engineering.

Schaefer, Stephanie  Dong, Ming  Bahnson, Brian  Thorpe, Colin  Rozovsky, Sharon  Protein Folding & Stability I.