Thaddeus Mcewen




OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 142

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Thaddeus Mcewen


Ph D: Business Education, Southern Illinois University, 1990

MS: Vocational Education Studies, Southern Illinois University, 1988

BS: Business Studies, University of Technology, 1986

Research Interests

Ecopreneurship and Sustainability Entrepreneurship, STEM Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship Education.

Recent Publications

McEwen,  Thaddeus  ( 2016).  Entrepreneurial Opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises in the environmental goods and services industry.  ( 10,  6,  pp. 218-251).   International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences .

McEwen,  Thaddeus  ( 2013).  Ecopreneurship as a soloution to environmental problems: Implications for college level entrepreneurship education.  No  ( 5,  3,  pp. 264-288).   International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences.

McEwen,  Thaddeus  ( 2013).  Ecoprofit: An Environmental Management Approach for Promoting Sustainable Development within Companies and Communities.  No  ( 3,  2013,  pp. 43-62).   Leadership and Organizational Management.

McEwen,  Thaddeus  ( 2013).  An Examination of the Barriers that Impact the Implementation of Environmental Sustainability Practices in Small Businesses.  In Dr. William T. Jackson,  No  ( 1,  25,  pp. 117-139).   Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship.

McEwen,  Thaddeus  ( 2012).  Integrating STEM competencies in entrepreneurship education.  No  ( 4,  66,  pp. 32-37).   Business Educatioin Forum.

McEwen,  Thaddeus  ( 2010).  Integrating entrepreneurial learning in general education .  No  ( 4,  pp. 63-79).   Business Journal for Entreprenurs.