Maranda E. Mcbride

TitleAssociate Professor




OfficeCraig Hall
Room: 402

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Maranda	E. Mcbride


MBA: Business Administration, Wake Forest University, 2011

Ph D: Industrial Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University, 2003

MS: Industrial Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University, 1998

BS: Industrial Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University, 1996

Research Interests

Dr. McBride has been involved in a diverse array of research projects related to human machine systems engineering. These projects typically fall within the following areas of interest: behavioral issues in the use of automated decision aids, cognitive engineering in automated decision aid design, bone conduction communication, visual and auditory display design, human factors in information security, and minority issues in engineering education.

Recent Publications

Johnston,  Allen  Warkentin,  Merrill  McBride,  Maranda  Carter,  Lemuria  ( 2016).  Dispositional and situational factors: Influences on information security policy violations.  ( 3,  25,  pp. 231-251).   European Journal of Information Systems.

McWilliams,  Doug  McBride,  Maranda  ( 2013).  Exploring mathematical approximation for the time spans of transfer operations in parcel transshipment terminals.  ( 2,  55,  pp. 342-356).   Computers & Industrial Engineering.

Blue,  Misty  McBride,  Maranda  Weatherless,  Rachel  Letowski,  Tomasz  ( 2013).  Impact of a bone conduction communication channel on multi-channel communication system effectiveness.  ( 2,  55,  pp. 346-355).   Human Factors.

Tran,  Phuong  Letowski,  Tomasz  McBride,  Maranda  ( 2013).  The effect of bone conduction microphone placement on intensity and spectrum of transmitted speech items.  ( 6,  133,  pp. 3900-3908).   Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

McWilliams,  Doug  McBride,  Maranda  ( 2012).  A beam search heuristics to solve the parcel hub scheduling problem.  ( 4,  62,  pp. 1080-1092).   Computers & Industrial Engineering.

Blue-Terry,  Misty  McBride,  Maranda  Letowski,  Tomasz  ( 2012).  Effects of speech intensity on the Callsign Acquisition Test (CAT) and Modified Rhyme Test (MRT) presented in noise.  ( 2,  37,  pp. 199-203).   Archives of Acoustics.

Hodges,  Meghan  McBride,  Maranda  ( 2012).  Gender differences in bone conduction auditory signal processing: Communication equipment design implications.  ( 1,  42,  pp. 49-55).   International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics.

McBride,  Maranda  Carter,  Lemuria  Ntuen,  Celestine  ( 2012).  The impact of personality on nurses’ bias towards automated decision aid acceptance.    International Journal of Information Systems and Change Management.