Mannur Sundaresan


DepartmentMechanical Engineering


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OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 615

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Mannur Sundaresan


Ph D: Engineering Mechanics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1988

MS: Engineering Mechanics, Bangalore University-India, 1974

BS: Engineering Mechanics, Bangalore University-India, 1971

Research Interests

Structural Health Monitoring, Acoustic Emission, Nondestructive Evaluation, composite materials, wave propagation

Recent Publications

Sripragash, Letchuman  Sundaresan, Mannur  (2017).  Non-uniformity correction and sound zone detection in pulse thermographic nondestructive evaluation.  In -,  New developments in thermographic nondestructive evaluation  (--April,  --87,  pp. --60-67).  NDT & E - an international journal published by Elsivier.

Sripragash, Letchuman  Sundaresan, Mannur  (2016).  A Normalization Procedure for Pulse Thermographic Nondestructive Evaluation.  In --,  New developments in thermographic nondestructive evaluation  (TBD,  TBD,  pp. TBD).  NDT & E - an international journal published by Elsivier.

Asamene, Kassahun  Hudson, Larry  Sundaresan, Mannur  (2015).  Influence of Attenuation on Acoustic Emission Signals in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Panels.  (59 (2015): ,  pp. 86-93.).  Ultrasonics.

Pai, P  Deng, H  Sundaresan, Mannur  (2015).  Time-frequency characterization of lamb waves for material evaluation and damage inspection of plates.  (62,  pp. 183-206).  Mechanical systems and signal processing.

Nick, William   Asamene, Kassahun   Bullock, Gina  Esterline, Albert  Sundaresan, Mannur  (2015).  A Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting and Classifying Structural Damage.  (4,  5,  pp. 313-318).  International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing.

Pai, P  Nguyen, B  Sundaresan, Mannur  (2013).  Nonlinearity identification by time-domain-only signal processing.  (September,  54,  pp. pp85-98).  International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics.