Mahour Mellat-Parast

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentApplied Engineering Technology


OfficeSmith Hall
Room: 4018

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Mahour Mellat-Parast


Ph D: Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2006

MS: Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, 1999

BS: Systems Analysis and Design, Sharif University of Technology, 1996

Research Interests

Supply chain risk and resilience Product and Process Innovation

Recent Publications

Kamalahmadi,  Masoud  Parast,  Mahour  ( 2016).  A review of the literature on the principles of enterprise and supply chain resilience: major findings and directions for future research.    International Journal of Production Economics.

Kamalahmadi,  Masoud  Parast,  Mahour  ( 2016).  Developing a resilient supply chain through supplier flexibility and reliability assessment.    International Journal of Production Research.

Nooraie,  Vahid  Parast,  Mahour  ( 2016).  Mitigating supply chain disruptions through the assessment of trade-offs among risks, costs, and investments in capabilities.    International Journal of Production Economics.

Parast,  Mahour  ( 2015).  Linking business strategy to service failures and financial performance: empirical evidence from the US domestic airline industry,.    Journal of Operation Management.

Parast,  Mahour  Linking quality citizenship to process design: A quality management perspective,. 

Parast,  Mahour  The strategy-integration-performance linkage in logistics and supply chain management. 

Parast,  Mahour  An institutional theory of buyer-supplier quality and performance: the effect of strategic alliance. 

Parast,  Mahour  A new way of looking at Six Sigma implementation: A qualitative case study using grounded theory. 

Parast,  Mahour  Supply chain quality management: An inter-organizational learning perspective,. 

Parast,  Mahour  Quality citizenship, employee involvement and operational performance: An empirical investigation. 

Parast,  Mahour  Convergence theory in management of quality: evidence from the petroleum industry. 

Parast,  Mahour  Corporate social responsibility, benchmarking and organizational performance in the petroleum industry: A quality management perspective. 

Parast,  Mahour  Developing a grey-based decision-making model for supplier selection. 

Parast,  Mahour  Employees’ perception of the effect of Six Sigma projects on customer satisfaction. 

Parast,  Mahour  Effect of disruptions on service quality and market share: evidence from the US domestic airline industry.    Journal of Transportation Research Record,.

Parast,  Mahour  Improving operational and business performance in the petroleum industry through quality management.