Liping Liu

TitleAssociate Professor



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OfficeGeneral Classroom Building
Room: A431

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Liping Liu


Ph D: Applied Mathematics, General, University of Alberta, 2002

BS: Applied Mathematics, Huazhong of Science and Technology, 1995

Research Interests

differential equations, mathematical modeling, computational math, dynamics systems

Recent Publications

Kelly, Stephanie  Liu, Liping  Denton, Zachary  Lee, Clinton  Croucher, Stephen  (2018).  Instructional Immediacy in the Chinese Quantitative Reasoning Classroom.  (118,  pp. 104-112).  School Science and Mathematics.

Oldaker, Guy   Liu, Liping  Lin, Yuh-Lang  (2017).  Influence of Appalachian orography on heavy rainfall and rainfall variability associated with the passage of Hurricane Isabel by ensemble simulations.   Journal of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Traynelis, Joshua  Silk, Michael  Wang, Quanli  Berkovic, Samuel  Liu, Liping  (2017).  Optimizing genomic medicine in epilepsy through a gene-customized approach to missense variant interpretation.  (27,  pp. 1715-1729).  Genome Research.

Lin, Yuh Lang  Chen, Shu-Hua  Liu, Liping  (2016).  Orographic Influence on Basic Flow and Cyclone Circulation and Their Impacts on Track Deflection of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone.  (73,  pp. 3951-3974).  Journal of the Atmospheric Science.

Smith, Raymond  Archibald, Aleah  MacCarthy, Elijah  Liu, Liping  Luke, Nicholas  (2016).  A Mathematical Investigation of Vaccination Strategies to Prevent a Measles Epidemic.   North Carolina Journal of Mathematics and Statistics.

Liu, Liping  Lin, Yuh Lang  Chen, Shu-Hua  (2016).  Effects of Landfall Location and Approach Angle of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone over a Long Mountain Range.  (14,  4,  ).  Front. Earth Sci..

Varatharajah, Paramanathan  Tankersley, Barbara  Oldham, Janis  Denton, Zachary  Liu, Liping  (2014).  Calculus I (EarlyTranscendentals) Workbook .   Pearson Education Inc..