Linda B. Hopson

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentAdministration and Instructional Services


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OfficeProctor Hall
Room: 133

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Linda B. Hopson


EDD: Leadership and Administration, Teacher's College, Columbia University, 1993

MAED: Leadership and Administration, Teacher's College, Columbia University, 1993

MS: Educational Administration, North Carolina A&T State University, 1988

MS: Biological Science , North Carolina Central University, 1981

BS: Biological Science , Livingstone College, 1978

Research Interests

Leadership in organizations, executive school leaders, high risk students and achievement, mentoring, GIS and HBCU's .

Recent Publications

Graham, Tony   Williams, Vereda  Hopson, Linda  (2016).  A Comparison Study: SketchUp Pro and ReVit Archtecture.   BIM 10th Academic Symposium.

Okpala, Comfort  Hopson, Linda  (2013).  Mentoring and socialization experiences of faculty in higher education.  (1,  1,  pp. 59-63).  Journal of Urban Education: Focus on Enrichment.

Okpala, Comfort  Hopson, Linda  Chapman, Bernadine  Fort, Edward  (2011).  Leadership development expertise: A mixed-method analysis.  (2,  38,  pp. 133-137).  Journal of Instructional Psychology.

Okpala, Comfort  Hopson, Linda  Okpala, Amon  (2011).  The Impact of the current economic crisis on community colleges.  (4,  45,  pp. 214-216).  College Student Journal.

Okpala, Comfort  Hopson, Linda  Fort, Edward  Chapman, Bernadine  (2010).  Online preparation of adult learners in post-secondary education.  (5,  7,  pp. 31 - 36).  Journal of College Teaching & Learning.

Okpala, Comfort  Sturdivant, Leon  Hopson, Linda  (2009).  Assessment of the impact of dervice learning on academic growth of college students.  (4,  6,  pp. 65 - 68).  Journal of College Teaching & Learning.

Okpala, Comfort  James, Ioney  Hopson, Linda  (2009).  The effectiveness of national board certified teachers: Policy implications..  (1,  36,  pp. 29 - 34.).  Journal of Instructional Psychology.