Alexandra Kurepa




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OfficeMarteena Hall
Room: 111

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Alexandra Kurepa


Ph D: Mathematics, University of North Texas, 1987

Research Interests

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Recent Publications

Roop,  John  Edoh,  Kossi  Kurepa,  Alexandra  ( 2018).  Instructional Selection of Active Learning and Traditional Courses Increases Student Achievement in College Mathematics.  ( 7,  5,  pp. 11-19).   Journal of Education and Learning.

Burkey,  Mark  Kurepa,  Alexandra  ( 2016).  Spatial Nonlinear Pricing with Per-Trip versus Per-Unit Transportation Costs.  ( 3,  46,  pp. 237-255).   The Review of Regional Studies.