Kathryn T. Cort

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentMarketing, Transportation & Supply Chain




OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 115

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Kathryn T. Cort


Ph D: Marketing , Kent State University , 1996

MBA: Masters in Business Adminstration, Kent State University, 1984

MA: Humanities, The Ohio State University, 1975

BS: Comprehensive Social Science, The Ohio State University, 1972

Research Interests

International area

Recent Publications

Woodham, Omar  Stone, George  Cort, Kathryn  Jones, Michael  (2016).  An Exploratory Comparison of Private and HBCU Marketing Student Study Abroad Program (SAP) Participation Intentions.  In Walter Kendall  (3,  5,  pp. 35-57).  Atlantic Marketing Journal .

Stone, George  Blodgett, Jeffrey  Nkonge, Japhet  Cort, Kathryn  (2013).  The Moderating Influence of Political Involvement on Voters’ Attitudes toward Attack Ads.  (1,  21,  pp. 91–102).  The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Cort, Kathryn  (2013).  A Multi-University Empirical Study of Student Perceptions of Sales Education and Careers in Professional Selling.  (1,  21,  pp. 91-101).  Journal of Selling and Major Account Management.

Stone, George  Cort, Kathryn  Nkonge, Japhet  (2012).  An Exploratory Model of the Antecedent Factors Contributing to Fan Support/Attendance at HBCU Basketball Games.  (1,  1,  pp. 2).  Atlantic Marketing Journal.

Cort, Kathryn  Das, Jayoti  Synn, Wonhi  (2011).  Internationalizing a business school program: A descriptive study of a strategic implementation process of internationalization.  (5,  1,  ).  Journal of Business & Economics Research (JBER).

Cort, Kathryn  Griffith, David  White, D  (2007).  An attribution theory approach for understanding the internationalization of professional service firms.  (1,  24,  pp. 9–25).  International Marketing Review.

DiRienzo, Cassandra  Das, Jayoti  Cort, Kathryn  Burbridge, John  (2007).  Corruption and the role of information.  (2,  38,  pp. 320–332).  Journal of International Business Studies.

Yap, Alexander  Das, Jayoti  Burbridge, John  Cort, Kathryn  (2006).  A composite-model for e-commerce diffusion: Integrating cultural and socio-economic dimensions to the dynamics of diffusion.  (3,  14,  pp. 17–38).  Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM).

Cort, Kathryn  Das, Jayoti  Synn, Wonhi  (2004).  Cross-Functional Globalization Modules: A Learning Experience.  (3,  15,  pp. 77–97).  Journal of Teaching in International Business.

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