Kaushik Roy

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentComputer Science


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OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 505

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Kaushik Roy


Ph D: Computer Science , Concordia University, 2011

MS: Computer Science , Concordia University, 2006

MS: Computer Science & Technology, University of Rajshahi, 2001

BS: Computer Science & Technology, University of Rajshahi, 2000

Research Interests

Biometrics, Cyber Identity, IoT, User Authentication, Information Fusion, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Pattern Recognition

Recent Publications

Aljohani,  Nawaf  Shelton,  Joseph  Roy,  Kaushik  ( 2017).  A secure one time password protocol schema.  ( 2,  3,  ).   International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity.

Shelton,  Joseph  Jenkins,  John  Roy,  Kaushik  ( 2017).  Extending disposable feature templates for mitigating replay attacks.  ( 2,  3,  ).   International Journal of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity.

Ainala,  Shiva  Aljhona,  Nawaf  Roy,  Kaushik  Yuan,  Xiaohong  Yu,  Huiming  ( 2015).  Study on body fat density prediction based on anthropometric variables.    International Journal of Data Mining & Knowledge Management Process.

Ahmad,  Foysal  Roy,  Kaushik  O'Connor,  Brian  Shelton,  Joseph  Arias,  Pablo  Esterline,  Albert  Dozier,  Gerry  ( 2015).  Face recognition utilizing patch based game theory.  ( 4,  5,  pp. 5).   International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing.

Roy,  Kaushik  O'Connor,  Brian  Kamel,  Mohamed  ( 2014).  Multibiometric system using level set, modified LBP and random forest.  ( 3,  14,  pp. 19).   International Journal of Image and Graphics.

Roy,  Kaushik  Bhattacharya,  Prabir   Suen,  Ching  ( 2014).  Iris segmentation using variational level set method.    Virtual Special Issue-Celebrating the Breadth of Biometrics Research (Biometrics 2014) Republished.

O’Connor,  Brian  Roy,  Kaushik  ( 2013).  Facial Recognition using Modified Local Binary Pattern and Random Forest.    International Journal.

Roy,  Kaushik  Kamel,  Mohamed  ( 2012).  Facial expression recognition using game theory.  Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition    Springer.

Roy,  Kaushik  Bhattacharya,  Prabir  Suen,  Ching  ( 2012).  Iris segmentation using game theory.  ( 2,  6,  pp. 301–315).   Signal, Image and Video Processing.

Roy,  Kaushik  Kamel,  Mohamed  ( 2012).  Multibiometric system using level set method and particle swarm optimization.  Image Analysis and Recognition    Springer.