Krishna M. Kasibhatla

CVCurriculum Vitae

TitleAssociate Professor




OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 103

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Krishna M. Kasibhatla


Ph D: Economics, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, 1984

BA: History, Economics & Politics, Andhra University, 1962

Research Interests

Financial and capital markets, Monetary economics, international Finance, time series econometrics

Recent Publications

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Malindretos,  John  Rivera-Solis,  Luis  ( 2013).  exchange risk management.    Managerial Finance in the Corporate Economy.

Arize,  Augustine  Maruffi,  Brian  Malindretos,  John  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Scoullis,  Moschos  ( 2013).  The Determinants of Industry Analysis: An Application to Practitioners of Money Management..  ( 1,  5,  ).   Journal of Management Research.

Romero,  Alfredo  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2013).  Volatility Dynamics and Volatility Forecasts of Equity Returns in BRIC Countries..  ( 1,  19,  ).   Journal of Business & Economic Studies.

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2012).  INTEGRATION OF KEY WORLDWIDE MONEY MARKET INTEREST RATES AND THE FEDERAL FUNDS RATE: AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION..  ( 4,  6,  ).   International Journal of Business & Finance Research (IJBFR).

Harris,  Peter  Kallianotis,  K  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Malindretos,  John  ( 2012).  INTEREST RATE RISK: SEVERAL STATISTICAL ANALYSES.    ISSN 1931-0285 CD ISSN 1941-9589 ONLINE.

Arize,  Augustine  Harris,  Peter  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Malindretos,  Ioannis  Scoullis,  Moschos  ( 2012).  The Values of the Determinants and Tests of Stability of the Money Demand Function of the United States..  ( 2,  32,  ).   Review of Business.

Berendt,  Charles  Christofi,  Andreas  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Malindretos,  John  Maruffi,  Brian  ( 2012).  Transformational Leadership: Lessons in Management for Today..  ( 10,  5,  ).   International Business Research.

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2011).  DOES THE DOLLAR CALL THE TUNE FOR SECURITIES AND OIL? An Empirical Investigation..  ( 3,  23,  ).   International Journal of Finance.

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2011).  THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INFLATION AND INTEREST RATES: A Co-Integration Analysis..  ( 4,  23,  ).   International Journal of Finance.

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2010).  COINTEGRATION AND SHORT-RUN DYNAMICS OF US LONG BOND RATE AND INFLATION RATE..  ( 4,  4,  ).   North American Journal of Finance & Banking Research.

Edwards,  Jeffrey  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2009).  Dynamic heterogeneity in cross-country growth relationships.  ( 2,  26,  pp. 445–455).   Economic Modelling.

Arize,  Augustine  Kallianotis,  Ioannis  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Malindretos,  John  Rivera-Solis,  Luis  ( 2008).  Empirical evidence on the relationships between concentration and profitability in Latin American banking. 

Malindretos,  John  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Rivera-Solis,  Luis  ( 2008).  Evaluating the efficiency of Latin American banks. 

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Stewart,  David  Khojasteh,  Mak  ( 2008).  The Role of FDI in High Medium, Low Medium and Low Income Countries during 1970-2005: Empirical Tests and Evidence..  ( 2,  14,  ).   Journal of Business & Economic Studies.

Sen,  Swapan  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Stewart,  David  ( 2007).  Debt overhang and economic growth–the Asian and the Latin American experiences.  ( 1,  31,  pp. 3–11).   Economic systems.

Chukwuogor,  Chiaku  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2007).  Post NAFTA Integration of North American Stock Markets: Implications for Financial Decision Making.  ( 1,  1,  ).   North American Journal of Finance and Banking Research.

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Chen,  David  ( 2007).  THE DYNAMICS OF GLOBALIZATION AND THE US MONEY DEMAND FUNCTION: EMPIRICAL TESTS AND EVIDENCE..  ( 3,  19,  ).   International Journal of Finance.

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Stewart,  David  Sen,  Swapan  Malindretos,  John  ( 2006).  Are daily stock price indices in the major European equity markets cointegrated? Tests and evidence.    The American Economist.

Kasibhatla,  Krishna  Stewart,  David  Sen,  Swapan  Malindretos,  John  ( 2005).  GARCH MODELING OF CONDITIONAL VOLATILITY AND LEVERAGE EFFECT IN GLOBAL EQUITY MARKETS..  ( 3,  17,  ).   International Journal of Finance.

Arize,  Augustine  Malindretos,  John  Kasibhatla,  Krishna  ( 2003).  Does exchange-rate volatility depress export flows: the case of LDCs.  ( 1,  9,  pp. 7–19).   International Advances in Economic Research.