Krishna M. Kasibhatla

CVCurriculum Vitae

TitleAssociate Professor




OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 103

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Krishna M. Kasibhatla


Ph D: Economics, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, 1984

BA: History, Economics & Politics, Andhra University, 1962

Research Interests

Financial and capital markets, Monetary economics, international Finance, time series econometrics

Recent Publications

Kasibhatla, Krishna  Malindretos, John  Rivera-Solis, Luis  (2013).  exchange risk management.   Managerial Finance in the Corporate Economy.

Arize, Augustine  Maruffi, Brian  Malindretos, John  Kasibhatla, Krishna  Scoullis, Moschos  (2013).  The Determinants of Industry Analysis: An Application to Practitioners of Money Management..  (1,  5,  ).  Journal of Management Research.

Romero, Alfredo  Kasibhatla, Krishna  (2013).  Volatility Dynamics and Volatility Forecasts of Equity Returns in BRIC Countries..  (1,  19,  ).  Journal of Business & Economic Studies.

Kasibhatla, Krishna  (2012).  INTEGRATION OF KEY WORLDWIDE MONEY MARKET INTEREST RATES AND THE FEDERAL FUNDS RATE: AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION..  (4,  6,  ).  International Journal of Business & Finance Research (IJBFR).

Harris, Peter  Kallianotis, K  Kasibhatla, Krishna  Malindretos, John  (2012).  INTEREST RATE RISK: SEVERAL STATISTICAL ANALYSES.   ISSN 1931-0285 CD ISSN 1941-9589 ONLINE.

Arize, Augustine  Harris, Peter  Kasibhatla, Krishna  Malindretos, Ioannis  Scoullis, Moschos  (2012).  The Values of the Determinants and Tests of Stability of the Money Demand Function of the United States..  (2,  32,  ).  Review of Business.

Berendt, Charles  Christofi, Andreas  Kasibhatla, Krishna  Malindretos, John  Maruffi, Brian  (2012).  Transformational Leadership: Lessons in Management for Today..  (10,  5,  ).  International Business Research.

Kasibhatla, Krishna  (2011).  DOES THE DOLLAR CALL THE TUNE FOR SECURITIES AND OIL? An Empirical Investigation..  (3,  23,  ).  International Journal of Finance.

Kasibhatla, Krishna  (2011).  THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INFLATION AND INTEREST RATES: A Co-Integration Analysis..  (4,  23,  ).  International Journal of Finance.