Kevin Lamont James

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentAccounting and Finance



OfficeCraig Hall
Room: 401

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Kevin Lamont James


Ph D: Accounting, The University of Tennessee, 2000

MBA: Business Administration, Middle Tennessee State University, 1996

BBA: Accounting, Middle Tennessee State University, 1991

Research Interests

Financial Accounting and Diversity Issues using behavioral research methodolgy

Recent Publications

James, Kevin  Owens-Jackson, Lisa  (2017).  One way CPAs Give Back: The Career Fair Sills Workshop at North Carolina A&T.   Journal of Accountancy.

Ward, Terry  James, Kevin   (2015).  Student Participation and Performance in a Graduate Accounting Theory Class.  (2,  19,  pp. 143-158).  Academy of Educational Leadership Journal.

James, Kevin  (2011).  The Danger of Human Capital Depletion in the Public Accounting Profession.  (30,  pp. 1-10).  Regional Business Review.

James, Kevin  Hill, Cecil  (2010).  Race and Development of Career Interest in Accounting.  (4,  27,  pp. 210-222).  Journal of Accounting Education.

James, Kevin  Seipel, Scott  (2010).  The Effects of Decreased User Confidence on Perceived Internal Audit Effectiveness.  (1,  2,  pp. 1-23).  Journal of forensic and Investigative Accounting.

James, Kevin  (2009).  Dynamic Seating Systems, Inc. An Analytical Procedures Case.   The Journal of Business Cases and Applications.

James, Kevin  Michello, F  (2009).  Pro Forma Versus GAAP Reporting: An Examination of Differences in Investor Perceptions.  (2,  pp. 47-57).  Journal of Finance and Accountancy.

James, Kevin  (2008).  Barriers to Recruiting African American Students into Accounting.  (1,  pp. 45-51).  Research in Higher Education.

James, Kevin  Monks, Andrew  Smith, Leah  (2008).  Has the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Met Expectations? .  (6,  53,  pp. 28-30).  Tennessee CPA Journal.

James, Kevin  (2007).  High School Students' Development of Career Interest in Accounting: A Study of Racial Differences..  (2,  9,  pp. 17-22).  National Accounting Journal.