Vereda J. Williams

TitleAssociate Professor




OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 225

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Vereda J. Williams


Ph D: Economics, Duke University, 1984

MBA: Management Information Systems, North Carolina Central University , 1978

BA: Economics , Johnson C. Smith University, 1974

Research Interests

Environmental Economics Barbadian Economics Financial Literacy

Recent Publications

Graham,  Tony   Williams,  Vereda  Hopson,  Linda  ( 2016).  A Comparison Study: SketchUp Pro and ReVit Archtecture.    BIM 10th Academic Symposium.

Williams,  Vereda  Uzochukwu,  Godfrey  ( 2016).  Scrap Tires Air Emission in North Carolina.  In Uzocukwu, Kabadi, Pinder, et. al ,  Proceedings of the 2013 National Conference inEnvironmental Science and Technology  ( 1,  1,  pp. 11).   Springer.

Williams,  Vereda  Asiseh,  Fafanya  ( 2015).  A Descriptive Study of Financial Literacy Preparedness of Teachers in North Carolina.  ( 2,  1,  pp. 8).   International Journal of Education and Human Development.

Williams,  Vereda  ( 2014).  A Case Study of Scrap Tire Disposal in North Carolina.  In Xinming Wang   ( Number 1,  Vol 1,  pp. 33-41).   Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology.

Williams,  Vereda  ( 2013).  A Case of Scrap Tire Disposal in North Carolina.  In Xinming Wang,  No  ( Vol 1,  Vol 1,  pp. pages 34-41).   Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering Technology .

Williams,  Vereda  ( 2012).  An Identification of Environmental Restoration Challenges at Fort McPherson.  In Lazarus Ndiku Makewa,  No  ( Issue 5,  Vol.1,  ).   International Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management Sciences .

Williams,  Vereda  ( 2011).  A Case Study of the Desertification of Haiti.  In Anna Grana,  No  ( No 3,  Vol 4,  pp. 12).   The Joournal of Sustainable Development.

Williams,  Vereda  ( 2011).  Community Perceptions of the Environmental Impact of the Closure of Fort McPherson.  In Dr. J. Sabrina Mims-Cox,  No  ( No 3,  Vol 1,  pp. 4).   International Journal of Humanities and Social Science.

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Williams,  Vereda  ( 2009).  Is there a need for an interdisciplinary approach to teaching environmental problems in the school of business.    Global Development Journal.

Williams,  Vereda  ( 2009).  Marine Fish Food in the United States and Methylmecury Risk. 

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